Mallory Fleming Enjoys Family Time at Disney

Mallory FlemingAlthough she has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Mallory Fleming holds no doubt as to which destination is her favorite for quality bonding time. Here, Mallory Fleming offers her impressions of Disney World, one of the country’s most charming sites for a family vacation.

Q: Why are family vacations so important?

Mallory Fleming: A family vacation will provide a lifetime of memories and improve relationships among family members. A family bonds together through shared stories about special road trips and silly adventures.

Q: What’s a standout destination for a family vacation?

Mallory Fleming: Going to Disney World each year is one great tradition in the lives of many families.

Q: How did Disney World begin?

Mallory Fleming: The Disney brothers, Walt and Roy, first opened Disneyland in California during the mid-1950s. Gradually they purchased pieces of land in Central Florida to create a similar experience on the East Coast.

Q: What was the concept?

Mallory Fleming: The vision for this park was a vacation paradise, where people could enjoy their stays without stress or worry.

Q: When did Disney World open?

Mallory Fleming: Sadly, Walt died before this dream became a reality. Roy eventually finished their beloved project when Magic Kingdom first greeted guests in 1971.

Q: What are some special attributes of Disney World?

Mallory Fleming: Disney World now spans more than 40 square miles—the size of San Francisco—and holds two water parks, two luxury spas, four theme parks and 33 resort hotels.

Q: What about dining options?

Mallory Fleming: As a culinary experience, the dining options are limitless. Disney World visitors eat more than 6 million hotdogs and 10 million hamburgers each year.

Q: What’s the best attraction?

Mallory Fleming: A popular spot for people of all ages is Downtown Disney, an outdoor mall that features nightly live entertainment.

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