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Paul Kadri on Road-tripping to Florida With His Pup

“This is far from an ordinary trip,” says Paul Kadri. What started out as a plan to get his dog, a Wheaten Terrier, down to Florida for Christmas with the family has turned into an annual learning opportunity for third graders in his school district. Paul Kadri takes us behind the scenes in what he […]

Outside of Politics: Consultant David Contarino Stays Grounded in the Real World

Politics is a labor of love and devotion, says David Contarino. It’s a demanding career that requires patience and, most of all, a connection to real people.By all accounts, David Contarino is a levelheaded political strategist with a 25-year history of promoting Democratic politicians and causes. He served as chief political advisor to New Mexico’s […]

Matt Schilit Describes How Using Quotes Can Inspire Students

Matt Schilit quickly learned the important role a principal plays in the development of a student body. Not only is the principal responsible for guiding the students, but the faculty relies on solid leadership as well. Matt Schilit has found that one great way to inspire and motivate both faculty and students is through the […]

Kelley D. Hamilton Says Retirement Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

According to Kelley D. Hamilton, there’s never been a better time to retire and enjoy all that the golden years have to offer. After a lifetime of working hard, says Kelley D. Hamilton, retirees owe themselves a little TLC. Retirement should be filled with activities and interests that were often put on the back burner […]

Interview with Casa Sandoval: The Process of Choosing Assisted Living

Hayward, California-based Casa Sandoval is a full-service retirement community located in the heart of the Bay Area in Alameda County. Boasting more than 200 studio-sized to two bedroom apartments and five levels of care, Casa Sandoval promotes an active and healthy lifestyle for its residents. Today, the staff of Oceans 2003 talks to Casa Sandoval […]

Peter Spittler Architectural Services: Our View on Responsible Land Use

At Peter Spittler Architectural Services, we affirm that land is one of our planet’s most precious resources. The fact that there is a limited amount of land points to the importance of using it wisely and efficiently—not just for now, but also for future generations. The architects and designers at Peter Spittler Architectural Services believe […]

Gregory Fake Takes Unusual Path to Television Production

Gregory Fake is assistant producer for the Lifetime Television series, The Balancing Act.  Typically, to be successful in TV, one must spend a lot of time in the profession, learning the ropes. Gregory Fake has taken a different path, leveraging his keen business and client relations skills to help produce an award-winning series geared toward […]

Scott Sohr Discusses the Knoxville, Tennessee Real Estate Market

Developer Scott Sohr knows the southeastern region of the United States well. A Tennessee resident, Scott Sohr has realized great success as an entrepreneur and a real estate owner over the past three decades, with properties throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama. Scott Sohr ’s investments include residential, commercial, and manufacturing developments. Recently, Scott Sohr began […]

Pete Spittler Leverages Experience to Transform Cleveland

Many cities, especially in the Rust Belt, are home to “brownfields” – drab, dilapidated expanses of dumps, storage yards, derelict factories and warehouses. Where others see an eyesore, however, Pete Spittler sees a brownfield revitalized as a thriving new development. Cleveland Flats Pete Spittler was a major driving force behind the redevelopment of Cleveland’s Flats […]

Rich Von Reviews the History of Bow Hunting

Rich Von hunted for years with a gun before discovering the joy of bow hunting. It’s an art that was around long before firearms and in recent years, Rich Von has learned more about why it’s always been so popular. Rich Von says nothing can compare to the thrill of pulling back on the string […]

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