Matt Schilit Describes How Using Quotes Can Inspire Students

Matt Schilit quickly learned the important role a principal plays in the development of a student body. Not only is the principal responsible for guiding the students, but the faculty relies on solid leadership as well. Matt Schilit has found that one great way to inspire and motivate both faculty and students is through the use of meaningful quotes.

Matt Schilit notes that it’s important to choose a meaningful, powerful quote from someone significant and respected. The quote should also match the school’s overall vision, Matt Schilit adds, providing an ongoing theme that reminds both faculty and students of the school’s mission. Matt Schilit recommends involving teachers in the process by encouraging them to use relevant quotes in their daily instruction.

Great quotes are only a few mouse clicks away, Matt Schilit has found. Numerous quote websites are available, and Matt Schilit personally searches for quotes that relate to leadership and education. Matt Schilit often uses his personal favorites, which he believes are applicable to a wide variety of situations.

His favorites: “Do what you can, where you are, with what you have.” –Teddy Roosevelt, and “Whatever you are, be a good one.” –Abraham Lincoln

To further emphasize the school’s mission, Matt Schilit believes posting quotes make good wall décor. Principals and teachers can post their favorite quotes on bulletin boards and walls to serve as food for thought each day as students walk the halls and sit in class.

Matt Schilit also highlights the importance of developing an overarching mission for your school. This gives both the faculty and students something to work toward and helps keep them on track each day. Matt Schilit has found it’s easy for principals to get caught up in the day-to-day minutiae and lose sight of the big picture. These quotes can serve as daily reminders of the school’s ultimate aims.

With a master’s in education from the University of South Carolina, Matt Schilit has spent more than a decade in school administration. Matt Schilit has worked as a health and physical education teacher, a wrestling coach, an assistant principal and a principal. Currently, Matt Schilit coordinates testing and evaluation for the Allendale County School District. He is also working toward his educational specialist degree, which he will achieve in May. Matt Schilit is certified as a secondary principal and elementary principal, and will add certification as a superintendent in May.

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