Sophia Wong and YOR Health Rework the Rules of Participation for the YOR Best Body Championship

Sophia Wong of YOR Health is one of the leading innovators of the YOR Best Body Championship, which culminates with the 2014 YOR Health Annual Conference. Eager to capitalize on the company’s success, Sophia Wong and the YOR Health team have retooled the voting methods for this year’s Championship. Oceans 2003: Hello again, Sophia! Sophia […]

C. Frederick Wehba Gives His Endorsement of Asbury College

A longtime supporter of the academic and athletic departments of Asbury College (Kentucky), C. Frederick Wehba recently participated on a guest panel that discussed the intersection of faith and public policy in our society. By virtue of his remarkable career in real estate, C. Frederick Wehba is uniquely positioned to speak on these important matters. […]

Flemings Ultimate Garage Reviews the Brief History of Ferrari

At Flemings Ultimate Garage, reviews of the auto dealer’s Ferraris are resoundingly positive. In this brief interview with the staff of Oceans 2003, Flemings Ultimate Garage reviews the background of Ferrari and points readers towards some of the most valuable resources for information. Oceans 2003: Hello – thanks for joining us to talk all things […]

Federal Wage Increase Could Pose Problems for Small Businesses

A new survey reports that the potential minimum wage hike could close 3 percent of small businesses. Another 30 percent of small businesses said that they would curb hiring./p> National executive search firm The Lucas Group asked 400 small- and mid-sized businesses how a minimum wage hike may affect their daily operations. Many of the […]

Affordable Care Act Impacts Small Businesses

January saw major changes to the US healthcare system and small business owners are some of the most affected. From tax breaks to penalties, companies from California to New York are feeling the crunch. Rules for Single-Person Businesses The Affordable Care Act essentially says that everyone must have health insurance or pay a fine. Entrepreneurs […]

James Cullem Recalls His Experiences with Start-up Biotechnology Companies

As a life-science entrepreneur, James Cullem has assisted a number of early-stage life science companies over the past decade. Over the past six years, he has served as CEO for a trio of start-up biotechnology companies, and has served as part of senior management teams at early-stage proteomics and genomics companies. Here, James Cullem talks […]

BentleyForbes Leads Real Estate Buyers Through Complex Process

For the team at BentleyForbes, purchasing and selling real estate requires in-depth analysis of a property as well as its surroundings. Most importantly, BentleyForbes discourages a haphazard approach when embarking upon such a complex process. Here, the professionals at BentleyForbes offer guidance about selecting the right property – regardless of region or price range. Oceans […]

The Hertz Corporation Gets Moving on New Ventures in Car and Rental Equipment

The Hertz Corporation recently announced that it would soon spin off its equipment rental corporation. The separation is planned as a tax-free spinoff to Hertz shareholders and is expected to close by early 2015. It would result in net proceeds of an estimated $2.5 billion. The rental equipment company currently has 335 branches in Canada, […]

Energy Efficiency at Work: Weathershield Reviews How Windows Can Save You Money

Old, drafty windows do more than diminish comfort inside a home; they add to operating costs and can be a danger to occupants’ health. Here, Weathershield reviews the many energy-saving options for windows today. Aside from saving money, the Weathershield Reviews Team offers info on how modern technology has made windows safer and more beautiful […]

Professionals Serve as Corporate Role Models Through Volunteerism

For modern business, being an active philanthropist in the local community doesn’t mean sacrificing revenue. In fact, these ventures can actually inspire a measure of goodwill that keeps a business on track for more sales and customer revenue. According to a recent study performed by Echo Global and Cone Communications, 91 percent of customers are […]

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