Interview with Casa Sandoval: The Process of Choosing Assisted Living

Hayward, California-based Casa Sandoval is a full-service retirement community located in the heart of the Bay Area in Alameda County. Boasting more than 200 studio-sized to two bedroom apartments and five levels of care, Casa Sandoval promotes an active and healthy lifestyle for its residents.

Today, the staff of Oceans 2003 talks to Casa Sandoval about broaching the subject of assisted living with a reluctant parent.

Oceans 2003: Senior adults want to be as self-reliant as they ever were. What have you found is the best way to broach the subject of assisted living with an aging parent?

Casa Sandoval: There’s no one “best way.” There’s no way to approach it without having a good idea of your loved one’s wishes.

Oceans 2003: Well, what has been your experience in the past?

Casa Sandoval: At Casa Sandoval, we’ve seen situations where a person’s opinion changes over time, for various reasons. It can be a long-term sort of process.

Oceans 2003: What can be the turning point in that process?

Casa Sandoval: There are going to be times when a parent or grandparent has had an injury or illness that leaves them compromised. Many times, that’s when the person realizes that he or she could benefit from assisted living.

Oceans 2003: In those cases, is temporary care available?

Casa Sandoval: Yes, Casa Sandoval offers temporary care and accommodations for someone who is undergoing rehab from an injury or surgery.

Oceans 2003: There have to be “selling” points as well, correct?

Casa Sandoval: Yes, absolutely. At Casa Sandoval, we try very hard to give residents a sense of independence. The community-like feeling, the comfort of being around their peers, the dining and living options and amenities are all great perks.

Oceans 2003: What are some of the living options offered at Casa Sandoval?

Casa Sandoval: We have more than 200 units, some studios, some 1-bedroom, some 2-bedrooms. They’re comfortable and inviting, with all the amenities one might expect, such as multiple cable outlets, well-appointed bathrooms and kitchens, even balconies and decks.

Oceans 2003: What about activities for residents?

Casa Sandoval: Casa Sandoval is located near parks, shopping, museums, and movie theaters, so there’s plenty for independent residents to do at their own convenience. We also offer daily yoga classes and other exercise programs, musical entertainment, organized day trips, and much more.

Oceans 2003: What are some other suggestions you might offer for individuals considering this decision?

Casa Sandoval: If you need to have this conversation, there’s strength in numbers. The loved one might be more receptive if there’s more than one family member involved.

Oceans 2003: Tell us what you feel are the strongest points about Casa Sandoval.

Casa Sandoval: Without question, it’s our caring staff. At Casa Sandoval, we are committed to finding and retaining the people who have empathy and take responsibility for their residents. We look for people who are genuinely dedicated to caring and have compassion for others.

Residents at Casa Sandoval can enjoy delicious, nourishing meals, 24/7 staff presence, and a rich, fulfilling lifestyle with their peers. Casa Sandoval also makes scheduled transportation available for residents who need to commute to medical appointments or other errands. Casa Sandoval invites prospective residents and other visitors to have lunch and take a tour to learn more about the community.

Contact Casa Sandoval at 1200 Russell Way, Hayward, California 94541, call 510-727-1700, or visit

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