Kelley D. Hamilton Says Retirement Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

According to Kelley D. Hamilton, there’s never been a better time to retire and enjoy all that the golden years have to offer. After a lifetime of working hard, says Kelley D. Hamilton, retirees owe themselves a little TLC. Retirement should be filled with activities and interests that were often put on the back burner during the working years, says Kelley D. Hamilton. Leading a dedicated team at Bonaventure Senior Living, Kelley D. Hamilton believes that “life on your terms” should be a major consideration of any senior adult looking ahead to retirement.

Kelley D. Hamilton reports that the first few months of retirement are usually a very happy, busy time for most seniors. They work as diligently at having fun-filled days as they did making a living. Kelley D. Hamilton observes, however, that the initial exuberance gradually fades. After projects that were placed on hold for many years are completed, grandchildren have been entertained until both grandparents and children are exhausted, and most days slow into a boring routine, Kelley D. Hamilton believes most active adults will begin to search for something more.

For most seniors, says Kelley D. Hamilton, a hobby completes their vision of perfection. However, some retirees often find they need a little extra cash. Whether it is for those long-planned exotic dream vacations, to help grandchildren with college education, or simply to supplement their income, Kelley D. Hamilton has found that turning hobbies into money-making ventures can be a fun and rewarding way to bring that feeling of accomplishment back into retirees’ lives.

How much is made depends on the amount of time an individual is willing to put into the venture, notes Kelley D. Hamilton. There are many ways to make extra cash or downsize possessions in order to relocate to a more manageable residence in an active adult community.  If a trunkful of collectibles or an overabundance of items is no longer useful or wanted, Kelley D. Hamilton suggests putting them up for sale on eBay. In fact, reports Kelley D. Hamilton, some senior adults enjoy this process so much they turn their sales skills into a new business that buys and sells items on various websites they run at their own leisurely pace.

If storage space isn’t a problem, Kelley D. Hamilton points out there are several avenues of approach to this type of web marketing, such as selling books and CDs through Many flea markets, thrift stores and garage sales have bargain price books and CDs that can be purchased for pennies and resold at a profit.

If quilting, sewing or jewelry-making is a relaxing and pleasurable way to spend time, Kelley D. Hamilton suggests learning more about as a venue for selling those items. The website makes it simple to market crafts, says Kelley D. Hamilton. Additionally, a recent demand for vintage clothing has proven to be very lucrative for seniors who still have items from the ’50s and ’60s, such as poodle skirts and prom gowns stored away in cedar chests. Some seniors, reports Kelley D. Hamilton, have learned  they can clean out their closets and restock them with the vacation wardrobe on their wish list.

Regardless of what a senior decides to do, Kelley D. Hamilton believes the secret to making money while still enjoying retirement is to do something he or she already takes pleasure in–and then do it only as long as it remains enjoyable. That, concludes Kelley D. Hamilton, will make the time spent on the venture seem more like play and less like work.

Kelley D. Hamilton is the chief executive officer of Bonaventure Senior Living, a family of companies devoted to providing outstanding living communities for senior adults in the Western United States. To learn more about Bonaventure Senior Living, contact Kelley D. Hamilton at

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