The Appeal of Adrenaline | Wesley Upchurch On Extreme Thrill-Seekers

By all accounts, mild-mannered Wesley Upchurch is a typical American entrepreneur and Internet professional. However, when he isn’t opening family entertainment venues or designing e-commerce websites, Wesley channels his energies into activities that invoke fear in most. Caving, ghost hunting, and riding the world’s largest roller coasters are all favorite pastimes for Wesley Upchurch.

The Adrenaline Rush

Adrenaline, the fight or flight hormone naturally produced by the body in times of extreme duress, is the drug of choice for Wesley Upchurch. He loves the temporary increase in strength and heightened senses that come when his body pumps adrenaline into every vein. According to Wesley Upchurch, he also thrives off the feeling of accomplishment that comes with having done something his body would otherwise instinctively avoid. These feelings are what motivate most risk-takers, says Wesley Upchurch.

Something Missing?

Wesley Upchurch claims that most thrill seekers tend to be extreme in many aspects of their lives. This is perhaps caused by low levels of Monoamine Oxidase B (MOA B). MOA B increases an individual’s threshold for feeling pleasure. According to Wesley Upchurch, these people also tend to react more positively to the release of dopamine—a neurotransmitter released naturally by the body. Dopamine essentially makes the body feel good as a reward for accomplishment. Wesley Upchurch says that there is no greater reward than conquering fear.

Activities for the Adrenaline-Addicted

For those seeking a true adrenaline rush, Wesley Upchurch notes that a typical humdrum existence isn’t enough. These people, himself included, thrive on joy and excitement. Wesley Upchurch explains that skydiving, surfing, and parasailing are all common activities for semi-hedonists. For those with an aversion to water or heights, Wesley Upchurch suggests paranormal investigation or roller coasters. The latter are considered safe yet still produce similar feelings of danger.

Extreme Tourism

Wesley Upchurch reports that extreme tourism is gaining popularity as daring destinations become more assessable. Most recently, Chernobyl tours in the Ukraine have become popular as the radiation from Reactor 4 still poses a real danger to the human body. African tourists can visit the Devils Pool and Victoria Falls while, more domestically, Florida offers swimmers ample opportunity to dive into shark-infested waters.

While the adrenaline rush may not be considered a pleasant experience for many, Wesley Upchurch explains that those who seek it claim it is a feeling they must have over and over again to feel satisfied. He advises caution in all activities and emphasizes that safety is always a top priority even under perceived danger.

About Wesley Upchurch

A long-time entertainment industry professional, Columbia, Missouri’s Wesley Upchurch is certified in fun. He is an Internet marketing expert with several e-commerce businesses to his credit and the founder of Columbia’s Gunther’s Games.

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