YORHealth Testimonial: Marcela Jotar Vallejo, Monterrey, NL Mexico

In 2008, YORHealth was founded to develop premium-quality products to help people live healthy, happy lives. The California-based company specializes in developing nutritional supplements and meal replacement shakes. For YORHealth, everything starts with the highest research standards. The company’s innovative line of supplements helps support the body’s use of nutrients, which helps improve absorption and enzyme production.

YORHealth has established a client base of national and international customers who are enthusiastic and passionate about the company. In addition to premium-quality products, YORHealth offers exciting initiatives that motivate customer participation, including the YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge, a continuing fitness challenge that encourages customers to get fit and healthy. Since the beginning, YORHealth has been able to spread happiness through health, fitness, and self-awareness. Thousands of YORHealth customers from around the globe enjoy the YORHealth benefits by achieving the optimum bodily response.

One such customer is Marcela Jotar Vallejo. Listen to what she has to say about YORHealth.

I come from a family with financial challenges. I am 26 years old and I am a graphic designer. I grew up in Huejutla, Hidalgo. I have two brothers. My parents, through their example, taught me to work hard.

I didn’t understand. If they worked so hard, why did we keep living hand to mouth, having debts, stress, and problems at home because of money. There was a phrase that stuck with me, “Not today! We have no money”. Soon after, my parents decided to get a divorce and there were more financial problems. I was in a very fragile situation, I felt lonely, distraught and frustrated for not being able to help my family. I grew up feeling that money wasn’t easy to get and that it wasn’t for us.

I decided to study a career so I could become independent and change my story, but a year after graduating the labor situation was difficult. Without a job or money I was losing hope for a better future when I was only 22 years old. At that time, a friend called to share with me the YORHealth project. I saw an opportunity because I found people willing to help me. Even though I didn’t understand much at the presentation I felt something, so I let my intuition guide me.

From the beginning I went through challenges because I didn’t have the money to start, but that wasn’t an impediment, I solved it asking for a loan. It took me longer to be ready for the right people to trust in me because I was young. I had the desire, but no business credibility. What was clear was that if I wanted different results I had to do different things.

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