Aging Gracefully Is No Longer a Mystery

10.10.13 - aging

Most of us know that eating right, exercising regularly, and keeping one’s weight under control are all keys to living better during the golden years.

According to a new report, there’s more to good health than that. A recent British study revealed certain key behaviors helped individuals have more “success” with aging by 30 to 50 percent. The study followed 5,100 civil servants from middle age on, all of whom ate healthfully and exercised on a regular basis. The results indicated that these behaviors were part of “successful aging.

According to Severine Sabia, a public health researcher from the U.K., several healthy behaviors are responsible for reaching old age fully functional and disease-free.

Sleep is among the healthy behaviors that may maximize a lifespan. Many adults don’t get the right amount of sleep—eight hours is more than simply beauty sleep. Studies consistently report that sleep is essential for energy and the prevention of diseases. It is not true that we need less sleep as we age.

Weight training can also help restore and optimize health. Lighter weights and more repetitions per set can have distinct benefits of helping build stronger bodies.

Exposing bare skin to sunlight for 15 minutes three times a week facilitates the natural production of vitamin D. Researchers attest that sufficient doses of the vitamin are necessary for the body to absorb calcium and maintain strong bones. Vitamin D also helps prevent cancer and supports longevity.

Reducing stress is essential to physical and emotional well-being. Chronic stress can result in a lack of judgment. Managing stress also improves memory function. Deep breathing helps relieve stress and deliver nutrients to brain cells.

The big enemy of happiness is worry. Optimism in adult life is not always easy to achieve, but focusing on the positive in any situation is important, as is surrounding yourself with people who do the same.

The benefits of individual well-being not only help us but also those around us. Individuals who flourish increase positive emotions around them and in their relationships. Taken together, all these healthy behaviors add up to an entire lifestyle and help people age gracefully.

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