Moving America: Aldo Disorbo Talks about Moving Squad’s Services and Vision for the Future

Aldo Disorbo-Moving-Truck-Oceans203 Aldo Disorbo has a career in the relocation industry that pre-dates the GPS but that hasn’t stopped this Italian-American entrepreneur from finding success. Today, Aldo Disorbo answers questions about his latest endeavor, Moving Squad, and reflects on what it takes to operate one of the most respected companies in America.

Oceans2003: Thank you for joining us today.

Aldo Disorbo: Thank you for having me.

Oceans2003: What does Moving Squad do?

Aldo Disorbo: We offer a number of services including local and long-distance moves as well as short-term storage solutions.

Oceans2003: You’ve owned a number of other successful businesses. What prompted you to open Moving Squad?

Aldo Disorbo: I have been in this industry for nearly three decades. One thing I’ve learned is that movers come and go. I founded Moving Squad after hearing so many horror stories of people getting burned by amateurs representing themselves as professional.

Oceans2003: It’s definitely not a good idea to trust your valuables to inexperienced movers.

Aldo Disorbo: Absolutely not! Each piece that we wrap, box, or cover with special moving-grade quilting represents a memory for a family or an asset to one of our corporate clients; we never lose sight of this.

Oceans2003: How does Moving Squad determine how items will get packaged for moving?

Aldo Disorbo: That depends on a number of factors. We look at the household as a whole to determine what the most efficient and safest way to pack will be.

Oceans2003: Your company is located in South Florida and performs national moves as well, correct?

Aldo Disorbo: We can help people move their home or office from here to anywhere in the United States.

Oceans2003: What areas does your company service?

Aldo Disorbo: We work everywhere from Atlantis, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Juno Beach, Pembroke Pines, to Royal Palm Beach and Weston.

Oceans2003: How difficult is it to get a moving quote?

Aldo Disorbo: It isn’t hard at all. That is one of the things that sets us apart from others. You can visit our website,, for a free quote.

Oceans2003: What about commercial clients?

Aldo Disorbo: Customers may also call 1-888-957-7823 to speak with one of our sales professionals and schedule a visual estimate.

Oceans2003: How do you keep pricing competitive?

Aldo Disorbo: We carefully analyze the location and ask lots of questions. This way, we can avoid costly mistakes. Our clients know ahead of time how much the move will cost and have a detailed list of what items are to be moved.

Oceans2003: Are your services expensive?

Aldo Disorbo: We believe in our services and know there isn’t a more experienced commercial or residential mover with better pricing.

Oceans2003: Let’s say that I am going to move myself. Can I buy moving boxes from Moving Squad?

Aldo Disorbo: Absolutely! You can visit our website and purchase standard-size moving boxes, wardrobe boxes, packing tape and supplies, as well as mattress covers and kitchen appliance moving boxes.

Oceans2003: Where do you see yourself and your company in 10 years?

Aldo Disorbo: I hope that Moving Squad will become a household name. I want the world to know that not all moving companies are created equal.

Oceans2003: It sounds like you have a real passion for this business.

Aldo Disorbo: I do. It is all I know and all I have ever wanted.

Oceans2003: We appreciate your time today. Thank you for speaking with us. Do you have any last words you’d like to say before we close?

Aldo Disorbo: I would just like to take this moment to thank all of our dedicated employees for helping our company gain recognition and for all of our customers for trusting us with your belongings.


About Aldo Disorbo

Born to an Italian family, Aldo Disorbo remains true to his Mediterranean heritage of hard work and strong family values. Throughout his career he has always made a point to give back to his community. He has a soft spot for underprivileged children and is an avid supporter of Toys for Tots.

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3 Responses

Aldo Disorbo moved my small office for me back in the 80s. I knew then that he was destined for more than that old pickup truck. So glad to see that he hasn’t gotten lost in corporate America and continues to do what he loves.

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Moving isn’t fun. Aldo Disorbo has really found a niche here in making it easy to get it done. There are several other places around that claim to do the same thing but not like Moving Squad. The employees there all respect Also Disorbo and that comes out in their customer service skills.

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I moved my family from NY to Wisconsin several years ago. It was a nightmare. I spent days trying to get in touch with the movers just to find out where my daughter’s bed was! I wish that Also Disorbo has Moving Squad together then. It would have saved me from weeks of headaches and hundreds of phone calls.

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