Alpha Epsilon Delta Premedical Organization

Kyle Thomas Glasser is a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta Premedical Organization (AEDPO). This organization gives premedical student education and it is the largest honor society in the world. The approximate registered members of AEDPO are over 124,000 and contained in 174 chapters. Kyle had a passion of becoming a medical doctor and that is the main reason why he decided to join Alpha Epsilon Delta to help him achieve his goals. If you like serving people and you really want to reach there then joining this organization is a good place to start.

Whenever the organization holds meetings, not only doctors attend but even optometrists, dentists, physicians as well as podiatrists attend too. In addition, any student in the University of Georgia who is willing to pursue a career in health can attend the meeting. The objective of attending such AEDPO meetings is that they help in recognizing excellence, and encouraging scholarships in premedical careers. More so, the meetings encourages other people to recognize what medical, educators and premedical students are doing and improve communication between them. If you attend a meeting, you will be able to join other premedical students who share similar interest with you.

As a result, you will find that every medical practitioner uses the resources available at his/her disposal in benefiting every health organization, community as well as charitable organization. If you really want to achieve your dreams in medicine, you must become a member of AEDPO. On the other hand, if you just enrolled for medical, optometry, podiatry and dental courses in the University of Georgia, then the best thing to do is to ask for invitations to AEDPO. Now that you know a brief introduction about this organization, you will be asking about how to join or qualify.

The process is simple and does not require many qualifications. The first thing you must have is completing your college work and cover at least 36 hours- if you are a student. In addition, you should have resided in UGA for a period of 12 hours. You should have GPA of about 3.20, you should have 3.20 GPA in either math or science and you must have studied biology and chemistry. After you become a member, you should participate in meetings. How will you know if there is an upcoming meeting? You should keep checking the list of premed e-mail from UGA to know when the next meeting will be held and the venue. This is a worthwhile organization to join just as Kyle Thomas Glasser did.

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