Andre Moxie on the Rewards and Challenges of Being a Soccer Dad

Andre Moxie has had the privilege to coach a boys’ soccer team in his local community. One thing that adds dimension to coaching a kids’ team, says Andre Moxie, is being a player’s father. Andre Moxie explains that there are unique rewards and demands that enrich a coaching experience when a coach has his or her own child on the team. A coach must be diligent, says Andre Moxie, and treat his own child as fairly as the other teammates.

Andre Moxie observes that many people think a parent will be inclined to show favoritism to his or her progeny while coaching a team. While this may be true, acknowledges Andre Moxie, there is as much a possibility of the opposite happening. Andre Moxie says that some parents, in a protracted effort to avoid favoritism, will be harder on their own kid than the rest of the kids on the team. It is a real challenge to strike a balance between these two states, adds Andre Moxie.

Coaching a soccer team with his own son on the roster, continues Andre Moxie, has given both of them a new perspective on their unique relationship with each other. Andre Moxie encourages other parent-coaches to remember that even though your child may yearn for special treatment on the team, it is wise to play the roles that the team needs as a whole. Andre Moxie says that in the long run, this is good for the child’s esteem because the child learns to contribute his or her individual strengths to the community at large.

Of course his son can never ignore that his father is the coach, says Andre Moxie, and this may at times be a mark of distinction for his son as he interacts with their teammates. Since young boys want to please their fathers, concludes Andre Moxie, it is often the case that the child will play harder to impress their dad than they would for another coach.

About the Author

Andre Moxie entered the world the same year that the Beatles let it be known that they wanted to hold your hand. Born in Ithaca, New York in 1964, Andre Moxie was raised as an independent thinker during a time of great civil unrest. Andre Moxie completed his primary education and then entered the University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware in 1983 where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice. Following graduation, Andre Moxie relocated to Yuba City, California and entered the Air Force as a 2nd Lieutenant.

From 1988 until 1991 Andre Moxie served his country as a Personnel Officer in command of 25 military Personnel and 30 civilian volunteers. Andre Moxie was stationed at Beale Air Force Base in California, 15th Air Force, Strategic Air Command. While stationed at Beale AFB, Andre Moxie enrolled at Golden Gate University in 1988 where he earned a MS degree in Human Resources Management. In 1991 Andre Moxie completed his service commitment and received the United States Air Force Commendation Medal for Meritorious Service.

Turning the corner and heading toward a professional carrier in the private sector, Andre Moxie was recruited in 1991 by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. The company hired Andre Moxie as a sales representative for the pharmaceutical giant to cover the Orlando, Florida territory. In 1995 Andre Moxie left Pfizer for Merck & Co. and was a representative in the Hollywood, Florida territory in the Florida Region.

In 1996, Andre Moxie was promoted to Headquarters for Merck and Company’s. Initially serving as a Field Communications Coordinator for VASOTEC, Andre Moxie acted as a field communication specialist responsible for all field sales communications for Merck’s cardiovascular products. Again advancing in 1997, Andre Moxie accepted the position of Product Trainer HT/HF Market Integration Team Same Sales Trainer at Merck and Co. In that position Andre Moxie was responsible for training representatives about Merck’s cardiovascular products.

In January 1999, Andre Moxie was appointed as Business Manager for the Miami District for Merck and Company. Continuing through the ranks of management, Andre Moxie found himself serving as Acting Senior Director Field of Implementation Team for Hospital and Specialty in 2005. Andre Moxie was entrusted to support and coordinate among sales management, marketing, and direct reports to achieve brand success for all Hospital and Vertical products. Filling yet another management need Andre Moxie accepted an appointment within Merck and Company in 1996 to the position of Senior Director of Training Planning and Brand. In this position, Andre Moxie collaborated with sales and marketing units within the company to fully develop one year and three year training plans, with emphasis on high-quality, value-added programs and resources that affected appropriate behavioral objectives.

Beginning in 2006 and continuing into 2008 Andre Moxie filled the position of Senior Director of Neurology Sales at Merck and Co. for the Southern United States. Andre Moxie was again advanced late in 2008 to the position of Director of Commercial Operations for the Mid South Joint Venture Sales force, Merck and Co.

From January 2010 to the present Andre Moxie has served as the Director of Commercial Operations for the New South Region, Merck and Co. Andre Moxie currently resides in the Metro Atlanta, Georgia area.

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