Bikes Direct and Bikes Island Team Up on Ebay

Already well known for their amazing deals on remarkably-equipped bikes, Bikes Direct is excited to announce that it will be teaming up with the folks at Bike Island to offer cyclists phenomenal deals throughout the winter on scratch and dent bikes. Bikes Direct and Bike Island have long referred their customers to each other, with Bikes Direct recommending Bike Island to those customers looking for parts, and Bike Island recommending Bikes Direct to customers looking for complete bikes. Both companies operate under the same guiding principles; provide customers with amazing deals, stellar support and free shipping to boot.

Like the employees of Bikes Direct, Bike Island staffers genuinely love cycling and hope that this love is reflected in the way that they do business. Believing that cycling should be accessible to all, Bike Island offers the same level of superior savings on parts that Bikes Direct offers to its customers on bikes. With an inventory ranging from jerseys to saddles, and bottom brackets to work stands, Bike Island has any kind of part or accessory a cyclist might need. Bike Island also offers a pain-free return and exchange process.

In addition to their main website, Bike Island also has a great, established Ebay store with loyal customers, and when Bikes Direct approached them to list some scratch and dent bikes Bike Island was eager to offer these killer deals. Bikes Direct points out that although these bikes are considered scratch and dent, they are still in phenomenal riding condition and only suffer from a few cosmetic blemishes. Bikes Direct staffers hope that this partnership with Bike Island provides an opportunity for these just slightly-less-than-perfect bikes to find a home. Although a pristine bike is great, most Bikes Direct staffers feel—and Bike Island employees agree—that a bike doesn’t truly become a rider’s “own” until it bears a few scars, and it is the opinion of Bikes Direct staffers that these scratches give a bike history.

Like policies already in place on Bikes Direct and Bike Island, the Bike Island Ebay site encourages its customers to communicate any questions with Bike Island staffers. It promises to get bikes shipped out quickly, and it offers a hassle-fee returns process in case the bike is too large, too small, or simply not what the customer had in mind. The Bike Island Ebay site also features a great FAQ section that should calm any fears that potential buyers may have. Bikes Direct and Bike Island have listed some of Bikes Direct’s most popular models, including the Windsor Hour, the Motobecane Immortal Pro, and the Mercer Corvus AL, at prices up to $200 less than they currently sell for on Bikes Direct. Bikes Direct and Bike Island look forward to a successful partnership and hope that their respective customers will be as pleased with the deals provided as the two companies are.

Bikes Direct encourages current customers to take advantage of these outrageous offers. Since this partnership is a new venture for Bikes Direct, Bikes Direct is soliciting customer feedback about their purchase experience on the Bike Island Ebay site. Bikes Direct contact information can found at, and a Bikes Direct employee will respond to any email within 24 business hours.

About Bikes Direct

Bikes Direct continues to provide the same excellent cycling experience that riders around the world have come to expect from Motobecane. As a beginning, Bikes Direct can offer this brief history; Motobecane has been making bikes since 1923 and was named after the French word Moto for motorcycle and Becane for bike. Things went well for the company until 1981 when they were bankrupt and bought by Yamaha and became MBK. Now Motobecane USA is not related to the French company as they import bikes from Taiwan and China, these are the bikes you are interested in. Bikes Direct offers these Bikes Direct to the public at competitive price points and excellent quality.

According to Bikes Direct, Motobécane was a major manufacturer in the French bicycle industry. The frames on Motobécane’s mid-to-upper bikes were typically double-butted lugged steel made from Vitus or Reynolds 531 molybdenum/manganese steel tubing with Nervex lugs. Motobécane finished their frames in beautiful and high-quality paint, a practice not often followed in the French industry. Considered the second most prestigious French bicycle (after Peugeot, whose more durable design they emulated, but ahead of Gitane), Bikes Direct remembers Motobécane’s mid-range bikes as a good value; the company kept prices reasonable by matching high-quality frames with lower-priced, but higher-quality components from Japan, at a time when competitors were putting higher-priced, lower quality French components on mid-range bikes. Bikes Direct says that Motobécane bicycles included the Nomade, Mirage, Super Mirage, Super Touring, Grand Touring, Sprint, Jubilee, Grand Record, Le Champion, and Team Champion.

Bikes Direct now offers Motobecane models that use carbon on two of their ranges of bikes, the Race Carbon/AL and the Full Carbon ranges. From the Race Carbon they produce the Century Comp, Elite, Pro and Team and from the Full Carbon they have the Immortal Pro, Force and Spirit.

Race Carbon/AL from Bikes Direct

Bikes Direct says the Race Carbon /AL frames are a mixture of Alloy main frame tubes and carbon rear seat stays. The frames use different Alloy for the tubes on each of the frames and different equipment to assemble the bikes.
The Century Comp has Columbus Airplane tubes and Shimano 105 Triple group set.

The Century Elite has Shimano Ultegra Triple kit and the frame is made from 7005 double butted and carbon stays. Shimano Ultegra 30 speed and Kinesium SL and Carbon are used for the Century Pro.

Bikes Direct offers the top class Shimano Dura-Ace, and carbon FSA Cranks are used for the Century Team with Kineses 7005 AL main tubes and carbon stays. All have carbon forks.

The Full Carbon

Shimano Utegra mixed with 105 and FSA is fitted to the Immortal Pro high modulus carbon fiber monocoque frameset along with carbon forks American Classic wheels.

Bikes Direct knows the Immortal Force is very similar to the Pro except it is all Shimano Ultegra; all the other equipment and the frame is the same.

The Immortal Spirit Dura-Ace, FSA, American Classic wheels and Ritchey are all fitted to a monocoque carbon frame keeping the weight down to 16 pounds.

Bikes Direct makes sure that all the equipment is top class and you can’t fault any choice there. Looking at the Geometries of the frames there is beauty and they handle well.

In addition to the standard diamond frame bicycles, Motobécane produced mixte frame versions; the mixte frame Grand Touring had twin lateral stays in place of a top tube, extending from the head tube to the seat tube, while the Super Touring and Grand Jubilé had a single top tube sloping down towards the seat tube, but diverging into twin lateral stays just before the seat tube. Later mixte Grand Touring models also used this design. Motobécane also produced a tandem bicycle.

Bikes Direct says vintage French bicycles, including Motobécane, are often sought today for their value as a fixed gear conversion.

For more information about Motobecane contact Bikes Direct at

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