Brenda Lee Reed on Squeezing More Out of Life

More juice, that is! Genesis Healing Center founder Brenda Lee Reed explains that juicing raw fruits and vegetables not only taste great but also helps the body detox and reboot.

Many people wonder if juicing is healthier than eating whole fruits and vegetables, reports Brenda Lee Reed. According to experts worldwide, the answer is yes. Brenda Lee Reed explains that extracting the nutrient-containing juice from nature’s storehouses offers many potential benefits including weight loss, boosting the immune system, and removing toxins from the body. Plus, juicing allows even those who don’t generally consume raw foods to do so while experimenting with appealing flavor combinations.

According to Brenda Lee Reed, juicing allows the body to absorb the vitamins and minerals in food without the body exerting energy to digest the fiber. Although fiber is a vital component to a healthy diet, Brenda Lee Reed notes that digestive enzymes may break down some nutrients. When the body can take in more of the immune boosting properties, the result is a healthier body both inside and out.

Consuming raw foods, especially their juices, is a simple way to eat better and, as a result, be healthier overall, claims Brenda Lee Reed. She offers one vital piece of advice for those new to juicing: only juice the amount that can be consumed in one sitting. Brenda Lee Reed notes that fresh juices develop bacteria and begin to ferment quickly, which can be harmful to the body.

Brenda Lee Reed has been reaping the benefits of a raw foods diet for years and encourages others to give it a shot. Here, Brenda Lee Reed shares a few of the immediately noticeable benefits of juicing in the raw:

>> Mental Clarity – Brenda Lee Reed says that after only a day or two on a raw juice diet, most people notice that they have an increased mental capacity.

>> Weight Loss – Some juicers report weight loss at a rate of one to two pounds per day, says Brenda Lee Reed. Of course, since much of this initial downsizing is toxins being flushed, Brenda Lee Reed acknowledges that weight loss will likely slow to a healthier speed after a few days.

>> Energy Boosts – Brenda Lee Reed has noticed a pattern of feeling more energetic on those new to juicing and says that this newfound energy doesn’t go away. Since the body has better fuel, it performs better overall, all the time, says Brenda Lee Reed.

>> Less Hunger – The body gets flooded with nutrients on a juice diet, notes Brenda Lee Reed. Because of this, the brain is fed and therefore does not send signals to the rest of the body to consume sustenance for quick energy.

Brenda Lee Reed knows that juicing can be intimidating and suggests try a few different recipes, utilizing foods with a high water content, like watermelon and lettuce. Most fruits and vegetables that can be consumed without cooking are suitable for juicing. The only real exceptions to this are avocadoes and bananas. Even replacing one meal or snack per day a cup of fresh squeezed juice can provide added vitamins and minerals to a diet lacking in nutrients.

Brenda Lee Reed is a nutritionist with over thirty years of experience. She is the founder of Middle Tennessee’s Genesis Healing Center, a holistic care center that focuses on detoxing the mind, body, and spirit. For more information on Genesis Healing Center visit



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