Carmack Moving and Storage Q&A – Helping Children Cope with Relocation

Q: How can I prepare my children for the idea of moving?

Carmack Moving and Storage:Keep them informed from the beginning and help them understand it is not something they can change. Children of all ages can benefit from an open dialogue about a move.

Q: What if they reject the idea?

Carmack Moving and Storage:Again, an open and continual dialogue is the best way to help a child warm up to the idea, no matter what age they are.

Q: We are moving from an apartment to a house nearby. How can I help my children’s anxiety?

Carmack Moving and Storage:Take the kids to visit the new house/neighborhood before they go. It will help them visualize themselves living there.

Q: How can I get my young children excited about the move, despite leaving their hometown?

Carmack Moving and Storage:Show them pictures of all the new fun things their new hometown has to offer, including parks and local attractions.

Q: I have a toddler, are there ways to explain the upcoming move so he’ll understand?

Carmack Moving and Storage:Children under three are really the easiest age group to move. Just let them know things are going to be different and remain as calm as possible. They will pick up on your stress.

What is the best way to talk to my four-year-old daughter about a move?

Carmack Moving and Storage:Draw pictures of the new house with her and try explaining that she gets to go there with the family.

Q: My child is terrified that I am throwing his toys away while packing. How can I make him understand otherwise?

Carmack Moving and Storage:Don’t use trash bags to store toys. It will also help to get a box a few weeks ahead of time and make a game out of hiding the toys in it.

Q: Should we change everything all at once to get it over with, or keep our old furniture, etc. for a while?

Carmack Moving and Storage:Try to keep as many things the same as possible. Children need the stability. You can upgrade and replace old furnishings one at a time.

Q: How can I help my kids be safe when there are movers walking through the house with big pieces of furniture?

Carmack Moving and Storage:If you can, hire a babysitter to focus strictly on your child/children during the actual packing and load process.

Q: Should I have my teen pack his or her own belongings?

Carmack Moving and Storage:Yes, it will help them prepare for the time in life when they have to make choices like moving.

Q: What age group is hardest hit by a move?

Carmack Moving and Storage:Teenagers are most affected since they are leaving friends and school.

Q: Should we let our older teen stay with family to finish out the school year?

Carmack Moving and Storage:If you have family nearby and can arrange it, speak with the school, your spouse, and your teen to determine if this is a viable (and desired) option.

Q: How do I talk to my teen about her feelings of isolation once we move?

Carmack Moving and Storage:It is quite normal for teens to feel alone when they’ve left everything they know behind. Let them talk to you and just really listen.

Q: Should we avoid starting a new routine?

Carmack Moving and Storage:Yes, keep as much the same as possible.

Q: How can we explain an out of country move to our children?

Carmack Moving and Storage:Expose them to as much of the culture of the new county as possible as soon as you know. There may be resources in your community, such as an ethnic market or heritage center.

Q: Will we delay our toddler’s speech progress by moving to a non-English speaking county?

Carmack Moving and Storage:No, children this young are very likely to pick up the new language as fast as they have learned to speak English.

Q: How can we help out children keep in touch with friends and family after moving away?

Carmack Moving and Storage:We suggest installing Skype for video chats with loved ones.

Q: Should we let our tween help pick out a house?

Carmack Moving and Storage:If you are not committed to a new home yet, then yes, let your child have some input.

Q: We are thinking about hosting a surprise party for our children to say goodbye to their friends. Is this a good idea?

Carmack Moving and Storage:Usually not; let them be involved in the planning. They may want a smaller party (or weekend) with certain close friends.


Carmack Moving and Storage is a one-stop shop for all your relocation needs including packing, storage, moving, unpacking, and even home staging to help you sell your existing home faster. Founded in 1985 by Rob Carmack, Carmack Moving and Storage has an expertly trained team of dedicated employees ready to tackle any size job. Carmack Moving and Storage can assists with local, regional, or even international moves and has the equipment to handle items of exceptional value, such as classic sports cars and pianos.

For more information, call Carmack Moving and Storage at 703.378.1616,  Toll Free 866.627.4220 or tour their website at

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