Charles Brennan and Dollar Loan Center Gives Back in Las Vegas, Nevada

Charles Brennan, majority owner, Founder and CEO of Las Vegas, Nevada based Dollar Loan Center, is committed to helping the communities where his businesses are located.  In the following Q&A, Charles Brennan discusses the dedication of Dollar Loan Center to giving back and the impact of his business on the Nevada economy.

Q:  What services does Dollar Loan Center provide to Las Vegas, Nevada, and the other communities where you have locations?

Charles Brennan:  Dollar Loan Center provides short-term loans that help customers bridge the gaps in life that are, often, inevitable.

Q:  Where are Dollar Loan Centers located?

Charles Brennan:  There are Dollar Loan Center locations in four states:  Nevada, Utah, South Dakota, and California. Our home base is in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Q:  In what way is Dollar Loan Center committed to giving back?

Charles Brennan:  The goal of Dollar Loan Center is to improve the communities where centers are located by providing financial support to nonprofit organizations.

Q:  How much money does Dollar Loan Center donate annually?

Charles Brennan:  Right now, between Dollar Loan Center and me personally we donate about $500,000 each year, but the goal is to get up to $1,000,000 in donations each year.

Q:  What types of organizations does Dollar Loan Center support?

Charles Brennan:  Dollar Loan Center is mainly focused on supporting organizations that make the world a better place for children and children’s charities.

Q:  Which organizations in Las Vegas and Nevada has Dollar Loan Center supported?

Charles Brennan:  Dollar Loan Center gave a large donation to the City of Henderson Little League, which is a great program, serving 700 kids each year.  Dollar Loan Center has also supported Opportunity Village for several years.

Q:  Besides charitable donations, what type of economic impact does Dollar Loan Center have in Las Vegas, Nevada and beyond?

Charles Brennan:  Dollar Loan Center provides much needed jobs to 250 employees in Las Vegas, Nevada, along with great benefits, profit sharing and health insurance.

Q:  Does Dollar Loan Center have an impact that expands beyond its employees?

Charles Brennan:  Yes, Dollar Loan Center works with numerous vendors in the area to keep the business running so well.  Dollar Loan Center spends millions of dollars each year at local, Nevada companies like Velocity Ventures, and Iverson Construction to name a few.

Q:  There are numerous Dollar Loan Center locations in Las Vegas, Nevada alone; does Dollar Loan Center lease or own its buildings?

Charles Brennan:   Dollar Loan Center currently leases 36 buildings in Las Vegas and Nevada, putting about $200,000 each month into the real estate market that the state so desperately needs.

Q:  Dollar Loan Center has become a household name in Las Vegas, Nevada; advertisers in the state must benefit.

Charles Brennan:  Exactly!  Dollar Loan Center spends millions of dollars and works with all of our local markets to infuse advertising dollars.  In Las Vegas alone we are on 16 radio stations, 10 times per day, 365 days per year.  Our core marketing is still formed around radio.

Q:  Where does Dollar Loan Center’s spirit of giving come from?

Charles Brennan:  I am a strong believer in giving to those in need and that transcends everything I do, including my work at Dollar Loan Center.

Q:  What major contributions and impact has Dollar Loan Center had in other locations?

Charles Brennan:  In Sioux Falls, South Dakota for example, Dollar Loan Center and I have supported the development and, now, opening of the Brennan Rock ‘n Roll Academy, bringing the first ever free music program to the underprivileged children of the Boys and Girls Clubs.

Charles Brennan is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and finance expert.  In addition to finance, Charles Brennan has enjoyed a career in concert promotions and has had the opportunity to blend the two from time to time.  Charles Brennan and his family live in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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