In the News: Charles C. Brennan Dedicates Rock Academy Studio to Alice Cooper

Charles C. Brennan Charles C. Brennan was privileged to work with some of the greatest musicians in rock history during his years as owner of the Blitz Ballroom, a music venue in the Midwest. As founder of the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Las Vegas–based businessman Charles C. Brennan puts those connections to work to inspire and educate aspiring young musicians.

Recently, Charles C. Brennan welcomed rock legend Alice Cooper to his academy. Charles C. Brennan dedicated a room to the singer best known for his wildly entertaining stage shows involving snakes and dolls. Charles C. Brennan spoke to Oceans 2003 about Alice Cooper’s visit and the impact the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy is having on young lives.

Oceans 2003: For the few people in the world who don’t know, tell us a little about Alice Cooper?

Charles C. Brennan: He’s a true rock legend, known as “the godfather of shock rock.” He’s perhaps best known for his singles “I’m Eighteen” and “School’s Out.”

Oceans 2003: He’s also more recently been connected with Rob Zombie.

Charles C. Brennan: He toured with Rob Zombie on a tour called “Gruesome Twosome.” He’s also appeared on American Idol and as himself in the Tim Burton version of Dark Shadows that was released in 2012.

Oceans 2003: You also worked with Alice Cooper, right?

Charles C. Brennan: I consider him a friend. As a concert promoter, I was able to work with both Alice Cooper and KISS, among others.

Oceans 2003: And Alice Cooper himself stopped by your academy recently.

Charles C. Brennan: He came by to participate in the dedication of our recording studio, which we’re calling the “Welcome to My Nightmare” studio in his honor. In this studio, we teach students the tools that are used to put together the music they hear on the radio every day.

Oceans 2003: How does he feel about the work you’re doing at the academy?

Charles C. Brennan: He supports the mission of the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy, which provides an outlet for a generation of children who are no longer introduced to music in school.

Oceans 2003: He also has a personal connection to the academy, correct?

Charles C. Brennan: Alice Cooper has a foundation in Phoenix called the Solid Rock Foundation that helps bring children off the street and teach them the arts. The idea for the rock academy was inspired by the work Alice Cooper has done in Phoenix.

Oceans 2003: Did the youth attending the Rock & Roll Academy know who Alice Cooper was?

Charles C. Brennan: Absolutely. Our students have a love for rock ’n’ roll and Alice Cooper is a legend. His music crosses multiple generations.

Oceans 2003: I have a feeling this won’t be Alice Cooper’s last visit to the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy.

Charles C. Brennan: Along with KISS and Vince Neil, Alice Cooper will appear at a fundraiser for the academy on December 5 in Las Vegas. We’re really excited to see these legends appear in what will be the concert of the century.

Charles C. Brennan is also the owner of the Dollar Loan Center based in Las Vegas, Nevada, with 80 locations throughout the Southwest. A longtime music promoter, Charles C. Brennan has a passion for the industry that he has put to good use, despite his own lack of musical talent.

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