Chiro8000 Looks at Medical Software: What Makes Chiro8000 Different than Medisoft, Lytec, and Eclipse

A well-known, retail clothing store used to sport the slogan, “The only difference between stores is how they treat their customers.” For today’s chiropractic profession this is truer than ever. Chiro8000 knows that your patients choose you instead of the doctor down the street because they believe you offer them something unique. Whether it is your personality, your specialty techniques, your approach to wellness, or even where you are located, whatever gives you an edge in the marketplace is a valuable asset. Have you considered how medical software like the Chiro8000 could assist you in gaining a competitive edge?

The Way Things Were: Before Chiro8000

For too long, the software in most chiropractic offices has been something that was viewed with a love/hate relationship. Cumbersome features were less than intuitive and it took the better part of a week each month to handle the billing. Even as streamlined software programs became more readily available, none had the added distinction of being designed to help you set your practice apart from the competition and grow new patient volume. None that is, until the advent of the Chiro8000.

The Way Things Can Be: With Chiro8000

Chiro8000 is an entirely new class of application specifically designed to help you enhance your relationship and interactions with your patient base. Since your relationship with your patients is your key to success, a robust, all-encompassing tool that will assist you in being viewed by your clients as reliable, caring, relevant, and unique is a significant plus! Is it possible to do more than imagine such a tool? Chiro8000 is no longer wishful thinking. It’s reality!

A True Connection: Chiro8000 Integrated Software

Forte Holdings’ Chiro8000 Patient Relationship product line is integrated software that allows you to establish and maintain the efficiency of your practice while expanding your patient volume. In fact, the Chiro8000 is the first software to offer a true connection for the areas of billing, scheduling, office management, marketing, EMR/EHR, communication, patient education, collections, and employee management.

You won’t be tied into a system that has only a singular focus: maintaining the practice. Chiro8000 allows you to grow your business, educate patients and maximize insurance reimbursements. The Chiro8000 is chiropractic software at its core, reflecting the specific needs of the chiropractic office.

Distinctives of the Chiro8000

A User Feedback Committee backs the Chiro8000 emphasis on customer satisfaction, where doctors, not just engineers, drive the direction of the Chiro8000 product line. Low hold times and knowledgeable Chiro8000 technicians who are available 24/7 and speak in plain English rather than “computerese,” are the norm, and the icing on the cake is the Call-Back-In-Queue feature that holds your place in line without requiring you to waste valuable time while on hold.

Additionally, all the Chiro8000 line of products are Microsoft® certified, which means they have met the strict development standards set and maintained by Microsoft®. The familiar look of popular Microsoft® products makes training on the Chiro8000 software easier and less time consuming.

Experience the Difference with the Chiro8000

Chiro8000 knows that many times the only difference between companies is the way they treat their customers. Chiro8000 invites you to explore the features and benefits of the Chiro8000 and discover why this software is the choice of hundreds of satisfied chiropractors nationwide? For more information about the Chiro8000, visit or call 800-456-2622.

Anthony Schwartz is the president of Chiro8000. Founded in 1983, the Chiro8000 software company has been providing affordable and cutting edge applications specifically for the Chiropractic Profession. Tailored to the small to medium sized practice, the Chiro8000 software connects the area of billing, scheduling, office management, marketing EMR/EHR, communication, patient education, collections, and employee management. With over 200 chiropractors that actively consult with the product as well as their alliance with Microsoft technology, the Chiro8000 offers the perfect balance of technology and industry perspective for the profession.

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The Chiro8000 product line is created with a unique Windmill Technology, and includes a 3D animation module and ancillary marketing services. Chiro8000 offers fully integrated and turn-key solutions for new patient lead generation, electronic claims processing.

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