Dollar Loan Center CEO Chuck Brennan on the Company’s First California Store

DLC Dollar Loan Center CEO Chuck Brennan is proud to oversee the expansion of the company he formed in 1998. From their base in Las Vegas, Nev., Chuck Brennan and Dollar Loan Center currently offer short-term loans in more than 80 stores throughout the United States. As the company continues to expand, Chuck Brennan gives details on the brand-new location in California.

Oceans2003: Where in California will the new store be?

Chuck Brennan: The location is in Anaheim on East White Star Avenue, with convenient access to Kraemer Boulevard and Riverside Freeway.

Oceans2003: What are the store hours?

Chuck Brennan: Store hours are 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday. All Dollar Loan Center locations are closed on Sundays.

Oceans2003: Will there be further expansion in California?

Chuck Brennan: More than 25 Dollar Loan Center locations began business in the year after the Anaheim store first opened its doors.

Oceans2003: What services does the Dollar Loan Center offer?

Chuck Brennan: The Dollar Loan Center has been providing clients in three states with short-term loans, with the most prominent location serving the Las Vegas area. California is now the fourth state to feature Dollar Loan Center stores.

Oceans2003: What other states does Dollar Loan Center serve?

Chuck Brennan: Besides California, the other locations are in Nevada, Utah and South Dakota.

Oceans2003: Will more stores follow?

Chuck Brennan: The goal is to expand throughout the United States on a gradual basis.

Oceans2003: What amount are these short-term loans?

Chuck Brennan: The amount for California residents is $2,500.

Oceans2003: Are there job opportunities available?

Chuck Brennan: The Anaheim store is staffed, but positions are open in other locations throughout California. Opportunities in Las Vegas are also available.

Oceans2003: How can individuals apply?

Chuck Brennan: Applications for employment are currently accepted through the Dollar Loan Center website at

Oceans2003: I understand Dollar Loan Center is involved in many community activities.

Chuck Brennan: The philanthropic efforts of Dollar Loan Center have supported dozens of charitable organizations.

Oceans2003: Such as?

Chuck Brennan: The main recipient of financial support is Opportunity Village in Las Vegas, which exists to support those with intellectual disabilities.

Oceans2003: What’s another example?

Chuck Brennan: Dollar Loan Center has also benefited the Solid Rock Foundation.

Oceans2003: What is their main focus?

Chuck Brennan: The Solid Rock Foundation is a nonprofit organization created by Alice Cooper and his wife, Sheryl, to provide support for troubled teens thru music and dance.

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