Mario Romano Colts Neck Shares Story of Pop Warner Football’s Namesake

Although Pop Warner Football is a nationally recognized organization, many people know very little of the man for whom it is named. Mario Romano Colts Neck has the scoop on the man behind the name, “Pop Warner” Football. “Well first of all,” Mario Romano Colts Neck says, “his real name was Glenn Scobey Warner.” Mario Romano Colts Neck explains how the nickname “Pop” was given to Glenn Warner when he was the oldest player of his team at Cornell. “I’m sure he didn’t expect the name to stick, but it did,” notes Mario Romano, Colts Neck’s Pop Warner co-founder. In Colts Neck, Mario Romano tries to emulate Pop Warner’s love for developing young student-athletes.

“His early years were spent at Cornell, where he played guard,” describes Mario Romano Colts Neck. Although his future was to consist mainly of coaching, Colts Neck’s Mario Romano highlights the fact that Pop Warner played professional football as well. “Pop Warner played for the Syracuse Athletic Club,” Mario Romano Colts Neck reports. “He was a member during the first World Series of Football, long before Pop Warner Football came to Colts Neck,” explains Mario Romano.

While Mario Romano educated Colts Neck on the benefits of a Pop Warner Football league, he always kept Pop’s excellent leadership in mind. “The man coached at the University of Georgia, Iowa State, Cornell, and Stanford,” lists Mario Romano Colts Neck. While organizing Pop Warner Football in Colts Neck, Mario Romano couldn’t figure out how Pop himself simultaneously coached two college football teams on three occasions. After seeing the time coaches invest here in Colts Neck, Mario Romano can’t fathom that type of responsibility. “How one man could handle two collegiate teams at once,” Mario Romano Colts Neck asserts, “is entirely beyond me.”

Not only did Pop Warner excel as a player and coach, being credited with 3 national championships while at the University of Pittsburgh, Mario Romano Colts Neck explains the innovations the coach brought to the game. “We use screen passes in Pop Warner Football here in Colts Neck,” Mario Romano explains. “Pop Warner created them.” Mario Romano knows that Colts Neck athletes benefit from the safety of shoulder and thigh pads, more innovations from Pop Warner. “It was a sad day when Pop Warner died of throat cancer,” Mario Romano Colts Neck admits, “but he will never be forgotten.”

Mario Romano Colts Neck began his career on Wall Street in 1982. Studying there under some of the most prestigious financial professionals of our time before moving to Colts Neck, Mario Romano graduated from St. John’s University well ahead of his class. Relocating to the Colts Neck area, Mario Romano continued serving as an executive with a select group of Wall Street institutions. From his base in Colts Neck, Mario Romano co-founded Wealth Engineering and Development in 2005. Currently residing in Colts Neck, Mario Romano brings over twenty-five years of Wall Street experience to his mission of providing financial education to the masses worldwide. Mario Romano lives in Colts Neck with his wife Gina and their three children. Mario Romano is known in the community of Colts Neck as a key proponent of youth sports and education for the instrumental role he played in bringing Pop Warner Football to the area.

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