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Cordia Harrington | ‘The Bun Lady’ of Nashville

Nashville, TN, October 11, 2009 — The American dream is punctuated with shining examples of perseverance and resourcefulness. Cordia Harrington is a long-standing, successful businesswoman with a knack for making lemonade out of lemons.

“There’s not an easy path for an entrepreneur,” explains Cordia Harrington, a Tennessee businesswoman affectionately regarded as The Bun Lady. “You have to be resourceful when faced with adversity.”

Cordia Harrington is known as The Bun Lady because she owns the Bun Company, a baking conglomerate supplying buns and English muffins to over 600 McDonald’s locations. And McDonald’s is only one of Cordia Harrington’s national and international clients.

Cordia Harrington has a resourceful, go-get-‘em attitude that has seen her through many tough times. She always turns a problem on its side and finds an imaginative solution. When working as a real estate agent as a single mom, Cordia Harrington needed to earn more to raise her kids. But she had difficulty ensuring that the homes for sale would even be finished on time. In response, she opened her own construction company to build the homes she was selling.

By taking responsibility and doing things herself, Cordia Harrington has forged a bright future for herself and for her family. She is a woman who faces problems head on, takes risks and works hard. In Cordia Harrington’s own words, “I cried a lot, but it paid off.”

About Cordia Harrington

Cordia Harrington is a shining example of the American dream. Cordia Harrington comes from sparse working class roots; her parents lived month-to-month, struggling to pay the bills. She always wore hand-me-down clothes. A big night out for the family was a monthly visit to the local McDonald’s restaurant.

Just like some of the greatest American rags-to-riches stories, Cordia Harrington is a woman who brought herself up from scanty beginnings. Her greatest asset was her will to achieve. When Cordia Harrington embarked on a business career as a real estate agent, she invested her life savings, $587, in a plywood sign and a rented office.

In those early Arkansas years, Cordia Harrington excelled so quickly in real estate that soon she was selling homes faster than the contractors could build them. This was Cordia Harrington’s first business challenge, and she solved it with a move that characterized her resourceful spirit.

Cordia Harrington
Nashville Bun Company
2975 Armory Dr.
Nashville, TN USA 37204
Phone: 615-256-6500
Fax: 615-256-2084

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[…] Cordia Harrington Nashville Bun Company 2975 Armory Dr. Nashville, TN USA 37204 Phone: 615-256-6500 Fax: 615-256-2084 […]

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