CWD Construction Makes Custom Home Building Pain-free

CWD Construction has earned a name for itself in North and South Carolina by building quality, long-lasting residences. With upgrades and custom designs that create demand in the area for their services, CWD Construction’s Chuck and Sonia Dohm bring a dedication to customer satisfaction that shows in everything the company does. Recently the company founders talked to A Gathering of Experts Blog about the unique services CWD Construction provides.

A Gathering of Experts: Thanks for speaking with us today. We understand that CWD Construction specializes in custom home projects. What services do you provide?

CWD Construction: The team at CWD Construction has become well known for our kitchen and bathroom upgrades, often getting referrals based on previous work we’ve done. Our services cover everything from basement remodels to building complete custom homes.

A Gathering of Experts: Custom homebuilding can be a complicated process for buyers. How does CWD Construction help make things easier for clients?

CWD Construction: Because Sonia (Dohm) is a gifted interior designer, she is able to work with clients to make sure every step of the process goes smoothly. Sonia helps CWD Construction customers pick out brick colors, fixtures, crown molding—basically everything that can help make a house a dream home for a customer.

A Gathering of Experts: One of the most stressful things about building a home is money. Some custom homebuilders quote an upfront price but by the time the house is finished, the buyer is paying substantially more…

CWD Construction: True. However, before CWD Construction begins work, we agree on the entire pricing structure. This includes all upgrades. Of course, as the project continues, we know customers may change their minds on certain things but we make sure they know how much each upgrade will cost so that there are no surprises at the end.

A Gathering of Experts: Most builders put allowances in for certain upgrades during budgeting.

CWD Construction: Instead of doing that, CWD Construction puts the cost of these upgrades in from the start. Often the initial budget for a custom home doesn’t allow for upgrades but what CWD Construction is known for is our custom features. Customers come to us with that in mind. So we build the cost of these features in up front.

A Gathering of Experts: It speaks well to CWD Construction that many of its customers come back for future work.

CWD Construction: Yes, that’s something that we are truly grateful for. CWD Construction is often invited back to remodel basements, add on bonus rooms, and to complete exterior work, like patios and pool areas. We have also found that many CWD Construction customers want us to build their next home, as well. We are currently building the second custom home for one of our previous customers.

A Gathering of Experts: We appreciate your taking the time to speak with us today.

CWD Construction: The pleasure is all ours.

For more information about CWD Construction, visit the company online at

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