Dan Sciscente Discusses the Benefits of Mobile SAP

Dan Sciscente has emerged as a leader in the Canadian I.T. industry, first as founder of eNov, Inc. and later as co-founder of Communi-T, Inc. Over the years, Dan Sciscente discovered he had a passion for SAP software solutions. Through Communi-T, Dan Sciscente works with businesses to uncover electronic solutions that can super-charge businesses, making day-to-day operations more efficient and productive.

Today, Dan Sciscente talks to Oceans 2003 about the progression of SAP toward mobile solutions and how Communi-T works hard to make its software the best fit for each customer.

Oceans 2003: One of the things that makes Communi-T stand out is that it’s easy to use.

Dan Sciscente: SAP software can be complicated, both to deploy and use. By making Communi-T so easy to use, companies are deploying SAP transactions via our platform and end-users don’t even know that they are actually interfacing with SAP.

Oceans 2003: Explain Communi-T 2.0’s integration point.

Dan Sciscente: With Communi-T 2.0, we’ve included the ability for the software to act as a centralized access point, which brings SAP access to even those who aren’t technically oriented. When we use “Centralised Distribution Point”, it simply means that transactions configured in Communi-T are available to multiple platforms such as traditional web browsers, mobile web, web services for developers, SharePoint and Portal.

Oceans 2003: For those of us who might not know what you mean by “SAP,” could you explain in a little more detail what it is?

Dan Sciscente: Sure. SAP was originally founded and launched out of Germany. It stands for “Systems, Applications, and Products” which is essentially an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). In general, SAP helps businesses manage overall operations, automating processes that would have traditionally been much more cumbersome and centralize all data and information in one software. Companies benefit from having only one software managing everything.

Oceans 2003: But one of the downsides of SAP was that it requires an advanced level of technical skill to use.

Dan Sciscente: It does to a certain extent for people that are configuring it. SAP is just a little challenging when talking about change management. Non SAP users may find the interface quite cumbersome to use. Communi-T features an easy-to-use interface that integrates perfectly with SAP, making the screens much more user-friendly and taking away all the extra fields and features end users would never use.

Oceans 2003: What changes can users expect with Communi-T 2.0?

Dan Sciscente: With 2.0, we’ve addressed the market demand for mobile solutions. Certain features of Communi-T will be accessible remotely, using mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.

Oceans 2003: What features will users be able to access this way?

Dan Sciscente: Stock Checks, Approvals, Sales Order Entry, Expense Reports just to name a few. We basically open the gate to all 50,000 plus transactions in SAP.

Oceans 2003: What about security? That becomes a concern with mobile access.

Dan Sciscente: Communi-T is fully integrated using Microsoft Windows Active Directory, and also adheres to DOD (Department of Defense) security standards with 128-bit AES encryption, so customers can feel confident that configuration data in Communi-T will remain secured.

Oceans 2003: The data isn’t actually within Communi-T, right?

Dan Sciscente: Right. Communi-T is just an interface that helps the user get to the data. No data is stored in the application itself.

Oceans 2003: It looks like Communi-T has placed a high priority on the user experience. Thanks to Dan Sciscente for speaking with us today.

Dan Sciscente has more than two decades of experience in information technology. A leader in the field, Dan Sciscente makes his home in Montreal, Canada, where he enjoys helping connected businesses with the best software solutions for their processes.

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