David Slone Discusses Important Steps for Leading a Successful and Fulfilling Life

David Slone knows a thing or two about success. David Slone began his remarkable entrepreneurial career in his spare bedroom. What started out as a small business capturing weddings on video soon became one of the top video production companies in the entire state. Later, David Slone served as President of Macrosystem US, one of the fastest growing video editing device manufacturers in the Colorado, at the time. For four years, David Slone was a pastor and also founded a ministry in Brazil. According to David Slone, success is not an easy thing to achieve.

Oceans 2003: David Slone, thank you so much for joining us today.

David Slone: You’re welcome. Thanks for having me.

Oceans 2003: “How can I become successful?” is something people all over the world ask. What would you say to them?

David Slone: In my opinion, success doesn’t just happen. Success isn’t luck or destiny. You have to create success. Success won’t come to you unless you work very hard for it by utilizing different steps.

Oceans 2003: You have experienced personal and professional success. What is the first step to success according to David Slone, the business man?

David Slone: Each and every day you have to work as if you already are successful. What I mean by that is you need to be productive and work smart. Don’t waste hours just being busy doing unnecessary stuff. Produce work that can make a difference.

Oceans 2003: Can you measure success?

David Slone: In order to measure success, you need to know what success means to you.  What are you searching for in life? Is it wealth, a career, or happiness? Also ask yourself why you want it. This may require some soul-searching, but it’s worth it. Success can mean different things to different people.

Oceans 2003: Why do so many people remain unsuccessful throughout their lives?

David Slone: We all have goals in life, but the truth is only a few people achieve them because most people never take action. Remember what I said earlier: success is not luck and it doesn’t just happen. You need to go out and make it happen. You can have the highest intelligence in the world, but if you don’t use it actively to achieve your goals, it can be pretty useless.

Oceans 2003: Are some people afraid of success?

David Slone: Yes. Success means change, and many people have a tremendous fear of change. That’s the reason why so many people never take action.

Oceans 2003: How can they overcome this fear?

David Slone: It’s important to figure out why you want success. You are more likely to reach your goal if you decide up front what and why you want success. This will motivate you to plot a path and you’ll overcome the fear of change.

Oceans 2003: What other advice do you have for us?

David Slone: I know from my own experiences that sometimes life can get difficult and you may feel like throwing in the towel.  But you can’t. It’s important to stay positive. Learn from your mistakes and move on. It’s not going to be easy but nothing worth doing is ever easy.

David Slone is General Sales Manager and Used Car Manager at Weld County Garage in Colorado. His extensive industry experience, drive, and leadership have made it possible for David Slone to expand the company’s potential. David Slone has taught management and marketing classes to employees to help them become leaders in their specific field. David Slone resides with his wife and two children in Colorado. In his spare time, David Slone enjoys traveling and photography.

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