Dean Spasser Points Businesses to Direct Mail List Reference Book – St. Louis, MO

According to Dean Spasser, if you’re in business, chances are you have at least a little experience with direct mailings. St. Louis’s Dean Spasser helps clients find valuable direct mailing lists, even advising clients that a bad list is worse than no list at all.

One resource that Dean Spasser always recommends is the Direct Mail List Rate and Data (DMLRD). Published six times per year by Standard Rate and Data Service, as Dean Spasser informs clients, the list is available at many libraries for free use. This book provides a thorough list of direct mail lists available for rental, Dean Spasser says, as well as the price for each list and contact information. According to Dean Spasser, this is an up-to-date list of legitimate mailing lists that he highly recommends.

“This resource book drives home just how big the mailing list business really is,” St. Louis businessman Dean Spasser relates. “Almost anywhere a person gives money, enters a store contest, or buys a lottery ticket, there is a mailing list recording the information for rental.”

As Dean Spasser points out, even churches share information with mailing lists. When a member of the congregation tithes, Dean Spasser says, the contact information that goes into that collection plate may end up on one of these rental mailing lists available through the DMLRD.

Having up-to-date contact information is crucial for a successful direct mailing, Dean Spasser urges. According to St. Louis resident Spasser, the Direct Marketing Association estimates 24% of households change addresses each year, rendering last year’s mailing lists ineffective. Using the DMLRD to find the best mailing lists is essential to a successful direct mail campaign, Dean Spasser says. Find a reputable company and rent the most current list to fit your client base.

St. Louis resident Dean Spasser also warns against mailing lists that are overused. “The more times a list has been mailed to, the less responsive it becomes,” Dean Spasser advises. Consumers today are inundated with mailings, according to Dean Spasser, and if everyone is hitting the same group of people, those people are more likely to toss your ads in the trash. To avoid getting lost in a pile of junk mail, Dean Spasser tells clients to look for high quality, up-to-date mailing lists.

About Dean Spasser

St. Louis entrepreneur Dean Spasser has dedicated the last two decades of his professional life to the serving people through a direct mail marketing business. In the early 1990s, Dean Spasser saw the need for a centralized hub of trustworthy home worker information. Spasser witnessed, and personally experienced, the frustration that hard working Americans were feeling in their quest for financial stability. Dean Spasser’s St. Louis, Missouri-based firm, American Publications, offered people a comprehensive list of reliable work from home opportunities. Dean Spasser’s company provided information about which corporations and small businesses were hiring remote workers and warned about which companies were nothing more than a scam.

Dean Spasser’s real estate background as a commercial leasing agent in St. Louis gave him valuable people and business experience. Dean Spasser spent ten years uniting shop owners seeking affordable retail space with malls looking to fill empty slots. Additionally, as a real estate professional, he helped St. Louis office buildings thrive by effectively marketing workspace to business owners. Dean Spasser soon saw he had a talent for successfully matching groups searching for each other, and set out to build his own home based business focused on bringing employers and workers together. Dean Spasser continues those efforts today.

Educationally, Dean Spasser earned a degree in Business Accounting from the University of Missouri – St. Louis. Spasser graduated in 1982 after working his way though college while finding time to actively participate in academic and other activities, including his fraternity. While Dean Spasser was a student in St. Louis, an interest in finance played alongside a desire to succeed by planting seeds that root this well-rounded businessman today. Spasser is grateful that he chose to pursue an accounting degree, as it helps him manage his business responsibly.

Living in St. Louis, Dean Spasser considers himself fortunate to be surrounded by a great music scene, as he is an accomplished guitar player. The Busch guitar studio in St. Louis is Dean Spasser’s favorite place for gathering with like-minded individuals, relaxing with a 6-string, and plucking off retro rock tunes and jazzy beats. Dean Spasser’s passion for fitness is another aspect in his life he takes pride in.  Working out and staying away from his weakness, potato chips, are two small choices he makes to keep his body healthy.

For mental well being, Dean Spasser is passionate about literature and performing arts. Sydney Sheldon’s novels and screenplays are among this St. Louis businessman’s favorite entertainment materials. Architecture is another interest of Dean Spasser; St. Louis has the Gateway Arch, a masterfully designed courthouse and a variety of eclectic structures sprinkled though the city and its surrounding suburbs. Dean Spasser is sometimes found at the Arch, thoughtfully reflecting on the sheer manpower and ingenious design implemented in its construction.

Dean Spasser is active in the St. Louis community, and donates his time and money to organizations like the Red Cross and Salvation Army – both of which have branches in St. Louis. Above all, Dean Spasser cherishes spending time with his daughter.

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Dean Spasser Points Businesses to Direct Mail List Reference Book - St. Louis, MO, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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