Dennis Dachtler and Dachtler Wealth Management Use eMoney to Help Clients

Dennis Dachtler believes that each client of Dachtler Wealth Management deserves personalized attention. But, points out Dachtler, this personalized attention is needed around-the-clock. For this reason, Dennis Dachtler utilizes eMoney, an online service that allows clients to keep up with their money management profile.

According to Dennis Dachtler, eMoney is available to clients on Dachtler Wealth Management’s website under the name My Personal Wealth. This information is presented in a clean, easy-to-understand format that puts the client’s financial picture in front of him or her, Dennis Dachtler says. Because this section of the site is secure, legal and financial documents can be safely stored there, notes Dennis Dachtler, including passports and wills. Once a client has stored these documents, Dennis Dachtler explains that they can be accessed from anywhere.

Through the My Personal Wealth section of the site, Dennis Dachtler emphasizes that client accounts are updated each day and activity is tracked for any signs of trouble. Then, says Dennis Dachtler, if opportunities are detected to make your money better work for you, the My Personal Wealth section will alert you of this.

As Dennis Dachtler points out, those who are more successful in money management are those who are aware. Through eMoney, Dachtler Wealth Management clients are able to access a total picture of their accounts, with everything consolidated into one central location. Assets are tracked against goals so a client can see where every dollar is going, adds Dennis Dachtler.

According to Dennis Dachtler, eMoney’s budgeting tools are available from any smart phone, making it easier for a client to stay on top of finances. Spending can be broken down by area, helping you not only take control of your finances, but also to better enable your advisor to offer assistance.

Dennis Dachtler founded Dachtler Wealth Management for the specific purpose of helping people achieve their dreams. In addition to basic financial consulting, Dachtler Wealth Management also provides help with retirement planning, investment advice, tax strategies, estate planning, and more, states Dennis Dachtler.

Additionally, Dachtler Wealth Management hosts education events for clients, Dennis Dachtler describes, with one-on-one consultation always available. At Dachtler Wealth Management’s Folsom, California office, advisors get a full overview of a client’s current financial situation to make informed recommendations.

For more information on how Dennis Dachtler and the team at Dachtler Wealth Management can help you, call 1-800-333-1855 or visit them online at


Securities and investment advisory services are offered solely through Ameritas Investment Corp. (AIC).  Member FINRA/SIPC.  AIC and Dachtler Wealth Management are not affiliated.  Additional products and services may be offered through Dennis Dachtler or Dachtler Wealth Management that are not offered through AIC.

This is not an offer of securities in any jurisdiction, nor is it specifically directed to a resident of any jurisdiction. As with any security, request a prospectus from your Registered Representative. Read it carefully before you invest or send money.  A Representative from Dachtler Wealth Management will contact you to provide requested information.  Representatives of AIC do not provide tax or legal advice. Please consult your tax advisor or attorney regarding your situation. Securities products are currently limited to residents of AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, IN, KS, LA, MN, MO, NC, NE, NM, NV, OR, PA, TN, TX, UT & WA.


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