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The following segment aired on Lifetime Television. Joining the show was Alex Hines with TAMKO building products. Here, Alex introduces Evergrain Envision to our viewers.

Host, Debbie Marie: Now during the summer the backyard can become a social meeting place for family and friends. So, why not hold those BBQ’s and friendly lounge chair get-togethers on a deck? There are a lot of options when creating a deck, so Designing Spaces decided to show you the best.

Host, David Jones: In fact, here is Jodi Darren reporting from the backyard.

Host, Jodi Darren: Creating a new deck for your property is always an exciting prospect. There are so many styles and sizes to choose from. It becomes a question of what you desire for your budget. Now all decks are made from the same material or same manufacturing process. Of course you think, yes they are. Well, not so fast. There are alternatives. Better alternatives. We decided to visit a home, where a new deck is going in using an alternative material. This is Matt and he’s been living in this house for over twelve years and he is ready for a new deck for his tiki hut.

Matt: We have a lot of entertaining in our tiki hut down on the beach in the back of the house and this is a very exciting place to entertain. We do a lot of it. And, everybody is looking forward to it. In fact, they’re coming tonight.

Jodi: Now as you can see behind me, there is already a feature here. This great tiki hut. But, to expand this outdoor living space, they’re putting in a deck so those material’s are here. The contractors are hard at work and they are putting together this beautiful new deck. We decided to do the new deck because our old one was getting pretty wobble. I decided to go with this type material because it looks just like wood and it’s a very easy to install and it’s very low ease of maintenance.

Alex: This is Alex Hines with TAMKO building products. It looks like a quality lumber he is inspecting, but it is actually something different. Well, Matt is going to be real happy with his new outdoor space. We think so.

Jodi: Yeah, well tell us a little bit about the product we are using today.

Alex Hines: Sure. This is TAMKO’s newest addition to low maintenance decking. It is the only composite deck board utilizing compression molding technology and when compared to wood, it takes deck performance to a whole new level.

Jodi: Okay Alex, what is that compression molding technology then?

Alex Hines: This is exclusive to Evergrain Envision. What we do is we take saw dust, plastic, color inhibitors and compress them under tremendous heat and pressure. The compressive force applied helps to squeeze out air pockets and creates a dense board with outstanding strength.

Alex Hines: Well, the benefits are basically you’ve got to remember wood, you have to stain it and treat it year over year. So this is a low maintenance option. What we do is we compress it so we have an added layer of protection, but not only that, it has got to look like wood. So, we use multiple grain patterns that create that natural grain look and multiple color options that are textured to look like that. Among the benefits of Evergrain Envision exclusive compressive manufacturing process, is a more dense board that features lower water absorption in wood. So, we are going to see how this project comes together usingEvergrain Envision.

Jodi: Okay, good. And can anyone use this product? Is it easy to work it?

Alex Hines: It really is. It works in cuts just like real wood. There are really no special tools required or needed. Unlike real wood, Evergrain Envision has less warping, splitting and cracking. Evergrain Envisions consistent, so it is very easy to work with.

Jodi: Great. Well,let’s get to work.

Alex Hines: Great. By nature, wood is pours and it will take in water. So what happens if it takes in water? It can crack, it can split even in the end rot.

Jodi: Right, so what should a homeowner use when they want a durable deck to make it real?

Alex Hines: Well, there are a lot of alternatives out there, but at TAMKO, we believe better manufacturing process makes for a better deck board.

Jodi: Our deck is coming together without a hitch. Let’s check out some of the techniques used.

Alex Hines: This is actually a hidden fastening system. So if a homeowner does not want to see the screws protruding in the top, we have an option for them. This is called EG123. It’s designed exclusively for Evergrain composite decking and it gives it that clean uninterrupted surface.

Jodi: Is it easy to install?

Alex Hines: It is actually quite simple. Do you want to give it a shot?

Jodi: Yeah. Let’s do it. Okay. Alex, show us how this works.

Alex Hines: Okay, not a problem. Well, Matt has chosen to use a hidden fastening system for his project. What that does is that it allows for a nice clean uninterrupted surface. So what we will do is we will take this clip, we’ll come over here and position it in line with the joyce. What we will do also is position one onto the offside. So when we flip it over, it goes underneath the leading edge of the board.

Jodi: Okay.

Alex Hines: What to give it a shot?

Jodi: Absolutely.

Alex Hines: Okay, perfect.Once the fasteners are attached, the deck board is flipped over then it’s positioned, so the fasteners can slide beneath the lead edge of the previous board.

Jodi: Now is it me or is this a little heavier?

Alex Hines: You know what? It is a little heavier when compared to wood. It is actually much more dense then wood. So by nature, it allows for low water absorption compared to wood. By nature, it is going to feel a little heavier.

Jodi (Designing Spaces): Okay, now do we have to use these fasteners?

Alex Hines: You know what. You don’t have to. There is actually a product that we have that is called Evergrain Envision Composite Screws. Evergrain Envision Screws do not require special tools and are colored to match Evergrain Envision deck boards. They go down quickly and don’t mushroom like other fasteners can. We’ll just attach this last fastener.

Designing Spaces: Okay.

Alex Hines: We’ll just position this right over the joyce, drive it through. Perfect. Let’s hand it over to the guys.

Designing Spaces: Okay sounds good.

Alex Hines: Okay.After some finishing saw cuts, and prepping the outside joyce for the last board attachment, the deck is completed. So, Jodi now that everything is in place, what do you think?

Designing Spaces: Wow, this is beautiful! Look at this. Absolutely amazing! Now tell me about the maintenance. How do we keep it looking that way?

Alex Hines: Well, every outdoor living space needs to be cleaned periodically.

Designing Spaces: Right.

Alex Hines: What TAMKO recommends is a semiannual cleaning just to knock the dust and grim of and really that can be done with a garden hose. Evergrain Envisions bonded outer layer resists staining by certain common foods and beverages such as mustard, ketchup, BBQ sauce, and Canola oil.

Alex Hines: I will tell you what. Why don’t we give it a test?So what we have is mustard. I’ll put a little mustard on here.

Designing Spaces: Okay.Mustard, Ketchup, and BBQ sauce.

Alex Hines: Just wipe it off. And then dry it on the backside there. Absolutely clean!Isn’t that neat?

Designing Spaces: Look at that! Amazing! It just wipes right off. No major worry. Well, it sounds like party time to me. Alex, where can we go to find out more information?

Alex Hines: Oh absolutely, if you go to evergrain.com, you can find out about all the different colors we have available and learn more about it. And if you’re a do it yourself type, you’re going to love checking out this site.

Designing Spaces: Excellent. Alex, thank you so much for being with us today.

Alex Hines: Thank you.

Designing Spaces: All that is left is to sweep and furnish this beautiful deck and we’re ready to entertain. Well now, this is a beautiful space you have created. What do you think?

Matt: Ahh, it’s gorgeous it is way more than we ever thought it would be and we’re not tripping over any screw heads, nails or anything else. It’s phenomenal.

Designing Spaces: Exactly, it looks beautiful and this is the finishing touch that it needed. Just in time to watch a beautiful sunset. We’ve got everybody here we are enjoying some drinks and some food and it’s time to celebrate. Cheers.

Alex Hines: Cheers. Cheers everybody.

Matt: Cheers.

Designing Spaces: If you’d like to learn more about the Evergrain Envision, you can visit our website Designingspaces.tv. There is a link there to their website and also you can watch this segment of the show again.

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