Direct Media Power – Complaints Can’t Always Be Avoided but Proper Advertising Can Reduce Incidences

Direct Media Power works with companies in a broad range of industries. Many of these firms have gotten a bad reputation based on their industry as a whole, says Direct Media Power. Complaints about tax and debt settlement firms, credit counseling, and virtually any advertised financial product almost always cite overzealous ad campaigns as the foundation of the grievance.

According to Direct Media Power complaints posted on consumer websites are being called the New Extortion method by the Internet Generation. Consumers now hold a great deal of power to either promote or damage a business via word of mouth and social networking sites. Digital Extortion is a concern with businesses in all genres because one angry customer can deter hundreds of potential new clients. Direct Media Power says complaints on a local Better Business Bureau website are generally the most reliable as historically only real consumers go through the process to file a formal complaint.


According to Direct Media Power complaints can be circumvented in many cases and the method is very simple: advertise honestly. There are a few things to keep in mind, however, before putting pen to paper, so to speak. First, the person writing the copy must be familiar with the product. Second, the product must be worth marketing before it is broadcast. Finally, the merchandise must be promoted in an area where there is a demand.

Direct Media Power on Complaints Regarding Misleading Advertisements – There are good companies that hire great marketing firms to relay their message, says Direct Media Power. However, sometimes these firms are a bit more aggressive than necessary when finalizing the creative process. In some instances, this leads to over-hyping the product or service, says Direct Media Power. Complaints about misleading advertisements should be forwarded to the Federal Communications Commission at


It’s important for the copywriter to be acquainted with the product or service he or she is going to try and explain. According to Direct Media Power complaints made about false advertising often arise from the creative process. In other words, the one responsible for selling the product/service should know enough about it to be able to write compelling, but truthful, material.

Direct Media Power Complaints: Does the Firm Respond? In the case of genuine complaints by real clients, of course, Direct Media Power responds. Direct Media Power complaints are taken very seriously by management and are resolved quickly. Take the one complaint listed on the BBB website; DMP contacted the client and found out there was a small misunderstanding. The issue was resolved and the group maintains a relationship with the client today.


Direct Media Power says complaints regarding products and services also stem from the purchase of an item not yet market ready. It is very exciting to launch a new service or create something neat for others to buy, but many entrepreneurs jump in without proper market research or safety testing..

According to Direct Media Power Complaints About Profanity Welcome by FCC – While a bit of colorful language is almost expected in certain situations, blatant indecency is expressly prohibited by US law. According to Direct Media Power complaints are welcomed and encouraged by agents of the Federal Communications Commission, who state that obscene broadcasts are not a protected area of the First Amendment. For the FCC to classify a broadcast as profane, however, it must possess a certain tone as well as inappropriate wording.


It’s also important to determine the potential effectiveness of the service before launching in a new area. According to Direct Media Power complaints about over-saturating airtime can also cause issues for the marketer. People want to hear about products they can use in the here and now. In other words, it’s probably not a great idea to launch a line of dehumidifiers in Arizona.

According to Direct Media Power complaints on posted in December of 2009 were an attempt by a former client to extort free advertising from the firm. The report states that a representative of Direct Media Power sold a business a $7,200 call package and failed to deliver. The monitored called center maintains records of calls generated via a unique telephone number provided as a service to clients. Of the calls this company purchased, an extremely favorable percentage were more than five minutes in length. These are considered legitimate calls. According to Direct Media Power complaints from the buyer were unwarranted and used as part of a threat to damage the company’s business if [presumably] they did not offer free leads.


Direct Media Power is a nationally recognized provider of high-quality radio only advertising. For more information about DMP visit their website at


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