Radio Advertising With Direct Media Power, Inc. Is a Powerful and Budget Friendly Method to Capture a Market

In this interview with the staff of Oceans 2003, Direct Media Power points out the differences between radio and other media platforms while explaining the benefits of using their services.

Oceans 2003: Good afternoon and thank you for joining us today. Let’s start off by asking a little about Direct Media Power. We understand that you are a pay per call radio advertising agency but what makes Direct Media Power such a great value?

Direct Media Power: We only work with radio. That gives us an edge in understanding the business just a little better than our all-encompassing competition. With this, we can work quickly and offer pricing no one in the industry can even come close to.

Oceans 2003: Can you give us an example of airtime savings?

Direct Media Power: Take a standard 60-second network spot as an example. While most networks would charge $500 +, we can secure the same air space for around $50 – that’s the client’s price.

Oceans 2003: How can you charge so much less?

Direct Media Power: Buying in bulk and buying a lot. We also have partner with radio stations and networks to help them liquidate large quantities of unsold airtime at the “eleventh hour”.

Oceans 2003: So Direct Media Power spends a lot of money on their clients?

Direct Media Power: We do. In fact, we have launched campaigns totally over $10 million per year for the last five years.

Oceans 2003: So you already own the airtime when you get an order?

Direct Media Power: Yes, we buy ahead. Networks can use a predictive index of which slots they will have vacant and will sell those to us at a bargain basement price.

Oceans 2003: But, you sell to your clients per call generated, right?

Direct Media Power: That is how we are set up, yes. Having the ability to buy the ad space at these prices allows up to offer our valued customers cheaper per call rates.

Oceans 2003: How many radio networks does Direct Media Power buy from?

Direct Media Power: Over 2,000 in the major network roster and countless smaller stations.

Oceans 2003: Does Direct Media Power offer a money back guarantee?

Direct Media Power: Yes, we do. We offer a cast test as a preliminary gauge for future performance and back that fully.  And we will not take profits on our buys or program if the campaign does not work for our clients.

Oceans 2003: Before we go, can you explain how radio is as effective as television or print advertising?

Direct Media Power: Radio has many, many advantages. People who listen to the radio generally do not change the station during breaks. Many listeners are emotionally attached to a certain on-air personality so they tend to be more open to trying products and services aired during their shows. Plus, radio ads rely on a person’s sense of imagination so they stay in their minds for longer.

Oceans 2003: Well, that is all the time we have today. This is all very interesting. We hope you will talk with us again one day.

Direct Media Power: Thank you for having us.


Located near Chicago, Direct Media Power, Inc. is a marketing firm driven to provide their customers warm leads through radio advertisements. The group, which has spent over $50,000,000 in the last five years promoting their clients, takes a role of financial liability with each customer, paying for writing and producing commercial spots and provides a call center and live transfers.

To find out more about Direct Media Power, Inc. visit


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