Doug Battista | Top Picks to Visit in Europe

Doug Battista has a challenging job as President of North America Field Operations for Jenny Craig, so when it’s time to unwind, he likes to get away. One of Doug Battista’s favorite destinations is Europe, where he has found a wealth of personally enriching destinations, both historical and scenic. Below are Doug Battista’s thoughts on his favorite European vacations:

  • Norway— Doug Battista explains that Norway is perhaps best known for its tall mountains and glaciers, but says that no Norway vacation is complete without personally witnessing the Land of the Midnight Sun. When visiting during the summer months, Doug Battista recommends spending at least one full day in the Arctic Circle, where the sun never sets. Several boat tours are available to take you to personally witness the fjords of Norway, where you can take in the beautiful scenery while relaxing with family.
  • Holland— If you visit Holland, you have to spend some quality time in Amsterdam. Doug Battista loves the architecture and culture of Holland’s thriving metropolis. Holland is also home to The Heineken Experience, an interactive museum that allows visitors to fully experience the popular beverage with all of their senses. Doug Battista also recommends Madurodam, a fun way to experience Holland in miniature.
  • Greece— Doug Battista loves the food, culture, and beauty of this Southern European country. He recommends splitting time between the beauty of the Greek Islands and the excitement of Greece’s main cities, which offer museums and beautiful architecture that will provide lasting memories.
  • Spain— Doug Battista also enjoys the Mediterranean island of Mallorca, home to more than ten million annual visitors. Mallorca provides both beaches and mountains, with lush pine forests and villages.
  • Gibraltar— While this location is perhaps best known as home to the Rock of Gibraltar, Doug Battista loves Gibraltar for its caves and beautiful scenery. The history of Gibraltar is undeniable, though, and Doug Battista highly recommends one of the territory’s many tours.
  • Morocco— No visit to Europe is complete without a stop in Morocco in Northern Africa. Doug Battista says Morocco has it all—beaches, mountains, valleys, and desert. Doug Battista likes to combine adventurous explorations of Morocco’s terrain with long, lazy days enjoying the beautiful beaches.

If you’re planning a European vacation, Doug Battista recommends straying off the beaten path into some of these exciting areas. He has personally found these are must-see destinations, and hopes that you will, too.

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