Douglas Andrew Discusses the Lost Decade

2000-2010 were the worst years in history for modern day investors, says Douglas Andrew.

Americans, says Douglas Andrew, typically have two trains of thought when it comes to retirement savings. Many feel content, excited for the future, and optimistic that they are gearing up for retirement. The others, points out Douglas Andrew, are fearful, angry that they must fend for themselves in their old age, or feel hopeless that their meager funds will not be enough.

As a retirement specialist, Douglas Andrew sees individuals in both mindsets daily. His plan, Missed Fortune True Asset Optimization, offers a step-by-step system that allows his clients to increase their net spendable retirement income – without the unfair taxation levied on this nation’s eldest citizens.

According to Douglas Andrew, the U.S. Government’s Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported in the 1960s that only 1 out of 100 men would be truly wealthy by the age of 65. Over half of the others would be dependent on their children, welfare, or social security. Douglas Andrew also points out that, over a century later, these statistics have remained stable. He says it’s time to educate the public on how to stop this cycle.

Douglas Andrew teaches hard-working Americans how to best utilize their assets while they still can, so that when they reach 65 they don’t feel frustrated and uncertain about their future. Noting that most people customarily rely on IRAs and/or 401(k)s, Douglas Andrew points out that these savings methods are not always as solid as tradition would dictate. And, as such, many individuals outlive their savings.

Douglas Andrew also cites that many savers of today are still in recovery mode from what he calls the “lost decade.” From 2000 – 2010 Andrew says that there were more loss years than gain. This resulted in either a flat-line or a decrease in funds, says Douglas Andrew. Historically, a decade has offered seven years of net gains. However, according to Douglas Andrew, this decade saw five down years.

Clients following Douglas Andrew’s Missed Fortune methods will learn ways to steadily recover these funds, and/or create and protect new assets with current cash flow.  Douglas Andrew offers this Missed Fortune series though his website at and via a network of financial consultants and retirement gurus across the nation.

For more information about Douglas Andrew or the Missed Fortune Programs or books, call 888.897.5665 | Douglas Andrew, Paramount Financial Services.

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