Therapist Dr. James D. Sterling Specializes in Couples Therapy

Dr. James D. Sterling has built a 45-year history of helping patients and teaching at New York hospitals. During his time in private practice, Dr. James D. Sterling has worked to help couples and families to resolve conflicts and to teach communication skills to strengthen and enrich the relationship and the couple’s intimacy.

While Dr. James D. Sterling and the team at the New York Center for Psychotherapy offer a variety of counseling options, the specialty of Dr. James D. Sterling is couples therapy. Some couples that visit the center are interested in resolving parenting issues, which often involve strengthening the couple’s relationship as a precursor to facilitating the couple’s relationship with the child.

The New York Center for Psychotherapy offers counseling to couples at all stages of their relationships, Dr. James D. Sterling explains. Dr. James D. Sterling counsels couples who are dealing with the strains of separation and divorce, as well as couples who are troubled and may be considering separation. Couples are guided by the therapist as they work through their various emotions in order to find resolution.

Dr. James D. Sterling also works with children who are impacted by a parent’s divorce, impending divorce, or relationship troubles. Children are encouraged to openly express their feelings and learn to communicate those feelings with their parents, as well as adjust to changes in their family and home life, according to Dr. James D. Sterling.

But as Dr. James D. Sterling explains, the definition of a “relationship” can extend beyond those of a romantic nature. The New York Center for Psychotherapy also counsels clients on employer-employee relationships, co-worker relationships, and siblings. Communication is key to any successful relationship, Dr. James D. Sterling believes, and by working with clients to help them understand how to constructively express their feelings, Dr. James D. Sterling has been able to help many clients have happier, healthier relationships both at home and at work.

For those having difficulty coping with a spouse’s everyday behaviors, Dr. James D. Sterling asks that they take a step back and reassess the situation. By being able to look at the situation objectively, clients are able to approach the partner during a time when they are calm and levelheaded, an approach that tends to lead to more productive results.

Dr. James D. Sterling and his staff at the New York Center for Psychotherapy can help you resolve your relationship difficulties and create a happier, healthier household and workplace. By learning to cope with life’s many relationship challenges, you’ll be able to tackle a wide variety of problems much more constructively and effectively. For more information about Dr. James D. Sterling’s couples counseling, visit the New York Center for Psychotherapy’s website at

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Therapist Dr. James D. Sterling Specializes in Couples Therapy, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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