DR Marketing Group on Lifetime with Bob Diamond

The following segment was a paid advertisement by DR Marketing Group, airing on Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television. Joining the show was Bob Diamond to discuss his real estate seminars.

DR Marketing Group: We took our cameras out to Las Vegas.  Take a look at what people are doing with Bob’s system.

Diamond: Las Vegas is an opportunity of a lifetime.  We’re here right now as prices are going down, this is the time to buy and everybody knows buy low, sell high but it seems that everybody gets so scared when everything goes low and they think “Oh nobody’s buying or nobody’s selling, how do we do this?” and that’s when everybody gets freaked out.  That’s when the smart, savvy investors go in and they say alright we’re buying stuff at rock bottom prices, we’re going to hold on to it and when it goes back up again then we’re going to sell it all.  These last 3 months we’re on our 38th deal right now.  When the financial markets are going crazy, whether you’re in Las Vegas or whether you’re in Timbuktu, the financial markets across America are going crazy and the deals are just getting better and better, so we’re on our 38th, we’re getting properties, a property or 2 accepted a day.  So we’re buying or selling pretty much a property every single day.  This is Bob and Doris’ house, this is going to be their first flip they’re doing with us…

Bob: This is our first, it will be a flip and then we’re going to do some buying and hold property.  The purchase price on this was $94,000, we’re putting about $30,000 into it so we’ll have $124,000 into this and the exit price will be $190,000.

Diamond: I think the numbers are great on this house because you’re looking at a $120,000 house that not too long ago was over a $300,000 house and with the way the job trends and population trends are going here that should return back to that value and the best thing is that in between now and then, you’re going to rent it and probably make $300 a month every single month.  Curt will make a lot of money off of this house.  When people are driving by they just see a house.  Curt sees dollar signs.  He’s going to be feeling dollar signs as the years go on.

Curt: That’s why I like this deal.  I’ve seen this house today and realizing what I can gain over a short period of time in just smart investing through knowledge from Bob’s training will make all of the difference in my life and our retirement.

DR Marketing Group: Where is the average person going to go?  Where is the average person going to want to call home?  And it’s going to be in a house like this right here on our right.

Diamond: Working class people who can afford 13 to 15 hundred dollars a month on a nice little home.

DR Marketing Group: Nice home. In sweet little Las Vegas valley, where the only thing hotter than the Las Vegas sun are the deals.

DR Marketing Group: By now you realize that this is the best buyers market that we have seen in decades.

Diamond: That’s right, Brian.  We’ve discovered that there is a correct way to buy these distressed, bankrupt and foreclosed properties and we give you the list of properties right there online, we show you where to get the money, we show you exactly what to do step by step.  All you have to do is follow the simple step-by-step procedure and you can make your fortune.  The only thing to do is pick up the phone and call right now and get involved.

DR Marketing Group: Bob, we’ve seen some unbelievable flips, but let’s take a look at some houses that maybe you want to build some cash flow, maybe some equity.

Diamond: This property was bought for $2,963, that’s 2 thousand nine hundred and sixty three dollars.

DR Marketing Group: I always wonder where you’re putting the comma.

Diamond: It’s a triplex, meaning 3 rental units.  It rents out for almost $1500 a month.  It would take you 2 months worth of rent to pay for the whole house.

DR Marketing Group: This is around a college university.

Diamond: Universities are great place to buy because there’s always a steady flow of tenants in there.  $600 a month positive cash flow each and every month.  This house bought for $17,515, can you believe that?

DR Marketing Group: No.

Diamond: Look at that, it’s a beautiful, it’s all brick, and it’s got a lawn.  I can’t wait to tell you about Rich Better.  He’s a postman that used to deliver to the big beautiful houses, now he can live in one just by building a series of rental houses which give him money each and every month.  He bought house after house, each one turning hundreds and hundreds of dollars each and every month into his bank account.  Finally he got so many houses that he didn’t have to work anymore, instead he bought his own personal dream house and doesn’t have to work anymore.

DR Marketing Group: No more rain, sleet or snow for that postman.

Diamond: Absolutely not.  And he deserves it because he took action.  And the difference between people who win and people who don’t win in this market is the people who take action are going to win.  The people who get the super profits course and read it and just put the simple system to work – they’re going to be the Rich Betters, they’re the ones who are going to get their house for free because their tenants are paying.  They’re the ones who are going to get hundreds a month from each and every property.

DR Marketing Group: Don’t wait any longer, now is the time to take control of your financial destiny.  You can buy that first home, you can buy that dream home, you can buy that investment property and you can buy them for pennies on the dollar.  But you can only buy them now.  So, call now.

Diamond: This is a great way to make money.

DR Marketing Group: It’s so easy once you pick up Bob’s course.

Guest 1: It was a tremendous help to me and it continues to be.

Guest 2: It’s been a great help to me.

Guest 3: It’s really helpful if you’re getting into buying real estate.

DR Marketing Group: Take the first step – buy the book, read it, buddy up with somebody and get started today.

Diamond: The income potential is just phenomenal.  This is your life.  You don’t want to slave away for the rest of your life.  This is the way to go.

DR Marketing Group: I wish I had done it 20 years ago.

DR Marketing Group is a direct response marketing firm that promotes business ideas by partnering with entrepreneurs to ensure the success of their product. DR Marketing Group has an impressive staff of marketing professionals who can expose a product via a variety of multimedia platforms, including online marketing and infomercial development. With a production facility roughly the size of a football field, DR Marketing Group has a variety of sets and scenes to get the job done right. DR Marketing Group has numerous industry partnerships, which can save their clients thousands of dollars over a traditional marketing firm.  As a division of O2 Media, Inc., DR Marketing Group is backed by more than 20 years of professional marketing experience.

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What you have shared to me DR Marketing Group is very much useful for a small businessman like me who’s been struggling to pay my bills every month. You have given me smart ideas on where to invest my money DR Marketing Group. Now I could gain much better profit every month. Thank you very much DR Marketing Group.

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We’ve been planning to start a business or to buy a house with our savings since the last few years DR Marketing Group. Then we realize DR Marketing Group that we could not do both. But because of what you have shared DR Marketing Group you have help us reach both our dreams and I thank you for that.

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I agree to the article of DR Marketing Group that spending our money paying monthly rental for our house is a wrong move to take. After I read DR Marketing Group ideas about how to gain profits in buying real estate I decided to find the right structure to buy. Now I am proud to let you know DR Marketing Group that I already owned five units of apartment for rent and planning to buy another 3 more units.

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