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E-stealth Meets Demands Of the New World Order

Lawrenceville, GA, October 20, 2009 — Discreet and sophisticated surveillance is not just for the government anymore. A bold and fast growing new industry is developing on the Internet. According to E-stealth, it’s time the average computer user enjoyed the benefits of discreet surveillance.

Some private citizens are business owners who supply work cell phones to their employees. What happens if you are one of such private citizens and your employee abuses their cell phone privileges? What can you do about it? How, in fact, can you even find out about it?

The software gurus at E-stealth have developed a suite of mobile phone spy software that answers these and other urgent questions. Using E-stealth products, an employer can discreetly monitor employee phone calls and text messages to safeguard their phone bill and ensure company security.

E-stealth also serves the needs of concerned parents and spouses. Your youngsters may be using their cell phones at all hours of the night. E-stealth allows you to turn your child’s phone into a listening device to know when they are talking, and more importantly, with whom they are talking. What better way to keep your child safe from drug dealers and Internet predators? The uses of E-stealth products are only limited by your imagination.

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