Frankie Bordeaux on Raising Balanced Children

Frankie Bordeaux is man with decades of experience helping adolescents mature into adulthood. For over 25 years, he has worked with the Boys and Girls Clubs organization.  Frankie was an Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Nash and Edgecombe Counties in Rocky Mount, North Carolina for 19 years.   He has been an NCAA men’s basketball official   for 25. Most importantly, Frankie Bordeaux is a husband and father of five. In his role as husband, father and public servant, Frankie Bordeaux has learned a thing or two about rearing happy, healthy, and productive children.

Trash the Technology

While it may be a foreign concept to children growing up today, Frankie Bordeaux says that time away from tech is vital. Distractions are everywhere. Sometimes it takes pulling the plug to really open up the lines of communication. Also, Frankie Bordeaux points out that communication is key to establishing a positive relationship with children of any age. This is true among peers as well. Frankie Bordeaux encourages his children to spend some time talking to their friends in person instead of exclusively on social media or via texting.

The Most Valuable Resource

“Time is the one thing that is absolutely limited in life”, says Frankie Bordeaux. It is also the most important gift a child can be given. Raising children should never be considered a hands-off experience. According to Frankie Bordeaux, children who are raised with a strong parental presence grow up happier and in turn raise their children with the same devoted attention. It is important to relate to children on their level and have quality face time with them, reminds Frankie Bordeaux.

Involve and Interact

According to Frankie Bordeaux, parental involvement is critical in the lives of children, and that isn’t just limited to asking them what they are doing. Parents must take the time to be involved in their children’s lives and teach them proper values and morals. He states that parents should know their children’s friends, teachers, and other individuals who play a significant role in their children’s lives. Frankie Bordeaux insists that if the parent knows the “total” child, then the parent will have a good understanding of who the child is and what’s going on with the child.

Respect is Mutual

It isn’t just enough to tell a child, “you must respect your elders,” says Frankie Bordeaux. This is one area that goes both ways and must be taught by example. Children are more likely to share   their problems and concerns with their parents when they feel as though they are valued, guided, and understood. Through a mutual respect and understanding, Frankie Bordeaux explains that children learn that the parent is the parent and the child is the child. The child   tends to respect those boundaries.

Direction Should Not Be Dictated

It should be guided. As a parent, Frankie Bordeaux believes that parents should provide their children with proper direction and guidance.    He’s very structured and encourages goal setting and problem solving.  Plan to succeed and you will. Fail to plan and you will fail.  Frankie teaches, guides and directs his children while at the same time holding them responsible for their actions and assisting them in learning from their mistakes.

Frankie Bordeaux says that parents should always try to connect with their child regardless of the child’s age. He feels that there are always ways to connect with children. Frankie notes that sometimes parents must be creative in figuring out how to connect with their children regardless of the child’s age.


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