Green Water Technologies on Safer Water With a ‘Final Barrier’

Green-Water-Technologies-how-it-works1 Based in San Antonio, Texas, Green Water Technologies staffs a number of professional water treatment specialists. Recently, Green Water Technologies spoke with the staff of Oceans 2003 about the Final Barrier concept, which protects families from unconditioned hard water.

Oceans 2003: Thanks for joining us this afternoon.

Green Water Technologies: Of course. Glad to be here.

Oceans 2003: First of all, isn’t water supposed to be safe?

Green Water Technologies: When water exits a municipal treatment facility, it lies within the guidelines provided by the Safe Drinking Water Act. There are other issues, though. The water streaming from a faucet may be safe for consumption, but it can cause an array of issues with your household water appliances, plumbing, and anything the water touches.

Oceans 2003: How can this be?

Green Water Technologies: Water travels a considerable distance from its source.

Oceans 2003: Explain the path that water takes.

Green Water Technologies: It usually goes from the water treatment facility straight to a water tower. Then, it flows through miles and miles of pipes right into a home or business. Lastly, it travels through the plumbing and into the faucet.

Oceans 2003: That’s quite a long journey.

Green Water Technologies: It is. Plus, many consumers have outdated water pipes that will greatly decrease the quality of the water.

Oceans 2003: What can consumers do to combat this issue?

Green Water Technologies: Replacing the plumbing is often a costly exercise. Meanwhile, providing softened or treated water for all citizen may be unrealistic and, quite frankly, unaffordable.

Oceans 2003: So there’s no hope?

Green Water Technologies: There are options, though, that help overcome these significant obstacles.

Oceans 2003: What’s the most viable option?

Green Water Technologies: The Final Barrier concept is one recommended by the Water Quality Association, which involves using filtration systems at the water faucet to ensure quality drinking water is readily available.

Oceans 2003: What issues can a Final Barrier system address?

Green Water Technologies: Usage of a Final Barrier system can address key issues like corrosion from home plumbing or the distribution system and remove objectionable tastes.

Oceans 2003: How does this concept work?

Green Water Technologies: A purification system, functioning as that “final barrier,” ensures the water quality at the particular point of use. Various technologies are available for use by the average consumer to treat water for drinking and other purposes.

Oceans 2003: It sounds like an excellent idea.

Green Water Technologies: Drinking water that has been treated with a certified system will provide water that meets and even exceeds the Safe Drinking Water Act. Therefore, it’s especially wise for individuals with special needs, along with babies, pregnant women and the elderly.

Oceans 2003: Is this a one-size-fits-all solution?

Green Water Technologies: Every household experiences different water issues and a host of potential concerns. Home research and testing may be required to determine the particular issue and the best technology for water purification.

Green Water Technologies encourages all people to consider contacting a licensed professional whose equipment and expertise will clarify areas of concern and provide possible solutions. 



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