Gregory Fake Takes Unusual Path to Television Production

Gregory Fake is assistant producer for the Lifetime Television series, The Balancing Act.  Typically, to be successful in TV, one must spend a lot of time in the profession, learning the ropes. Gregory Fake has taken a different path, leveraging his keen business and client relations skills to help produce an award-winning series geared toward empowering women.

While Gregory Fake has come to identify a perfect mix of entertaining and informative television for women, a lifelong passion is business.  From an early age, he was exposed to the cost and reward of hard work by his grandfather, a steel worker and former Army boxing instructor.  Gregory Fake ’s grandfather set an inspirational example that would stick with him throughout his lifetime.  Besides being a great role model for hard work and investing acumen, Gregory Fake ’s grandfather also paid for his college tuition, setting him up for future success.

With an Economics degree in hand from the University of Pennsylvania, Gregory Fake first landed at one of the most prominent business consulting companies in the world, Andersen Consulting.  There Mr. Fake cut his teeth in business, sorting out policies and procedures in billing, order entry, customer service, and the like.  From Andersen, Gregory Fake went on to serve at several Fortune 500 companies on a wide range of systems-related projects.  He also worked with the Federal Government to design its overall general ledger system for use for the General Accounting Office, one of Gregory Fake’s most memorable projects.

Gregory Fake believes in the power of business to transform and improve society.  “Business is what makes the world go around, it’s what makes the world the great place it is today,” he explains.

Following his consulting work, Gregory Fake went on to earn a law degree and graduated with honors from Georgetown.  With diploma in hand, he practiced banking law, an interest that stemmed from his time with his grandfather, and also served as an enforcement attorney for the Securities and Exchange Commission.

While Gregory Fake’s resume may surprise some, it is just plain natural to him.  “Throughout my career in business, I had several opportunities to produce television programming for businesses,” says Gregory Fake.  “The diversity of programming I produced for business has prepared me to produce thoughtful, interesting, and entertaining morning television,” he explains.  “It’s amazing what you can translate from the boardroom to the breakfast table,” adds Gregory Fake.

Gregory Fake lives in Pompano Beach, Florida with his wife and children.  When he’s not on the road or in the studio, Gregory Fake takes great pleasure in spending time with his family, volunteering in prison ministry, and fishing.

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