Hermitage Pediatric Dentist Addresses Tooth Discoloration

Hermitage pediatric dentist Dr. David Snodgrass has seen numerous young patients with tooth discoloration in his 20+ years of experience. The Hermitage pediatric dentist helps parents and kids with their concerns about this issue through treatments, cleanings and consultations. Since tooth decay, improper cleaning and exposure to sugars can sometimes cause this problem, the Hermitage pediatric dentist starts early with intervention against staining.

Proper brushing and flossing can help prevent tooth decay that leads to discoloration. Hermitage pediatric dentist Dr. David Snodgrass offers advice for parents. He says “the parent, not the child, should be responsible for seeing that a child’s teeth are cleaned properly on a daily basis.” The Hermitage pediatric dentist continues, “When a child is around four, he/she should brush with supervision once daily and the parent should always brush and floss the child’s teeth before putting the child to bed.”

The Hermitage pediatric dentist also urges regular visits for cleanings by a dental professional. According to the Hermitage pediatric dentist, “If you want your child to have a chance to grow up without cavities and a smile that will enhance their well-being, then regular six-month dental checkups are a priority.” Hermitage pediatric dentist Dr. David Snodgrass explains, “Six month dental checkups are important because children grow and change rapidly. Also, the topical preventive fluoride treatments last for about six months and need to be repeated.”

The Hermitage pediatric dentist and the professionals at Snodgrass-King make oral hygiene fun for young patients. Cartoons, movies and an office mascot named Chomp are part of the educational process at the Hermitage pediatric dentist. For children who experience abnormal tooth discoloration, the Hermitage pediatric dentist may offer a range of helpful solutions, including preventative options. The Hermitage pediatric dentist encourages dental sealants to prevent decay on the molars. The Hermitage pediatric dentist uses these hard plastic coatings to prevent cavities before they start. For more information about the services offered by Hermitage pediatric dentist Dr. David Snodgrass, please visit Snodgrass-King online at http://snodgrassking.com.

About Hermitage Pediatric Dentist

The Hermitage pediatric dentists of Snodgrass-King offer an exceptional and different dental experience for children. Founded by Dr. David Snodgrass and Dr. John T. King, the Hermitage pediatric dentist offices of Snodgrass-King combine “fun” with exceptional oral health care and services. In addition to their office located in Hermitage, Snodgrass-King offers pediatric dentist services in several other convenient locations around Nashville.

A first time visitor to Hermitage or any of the Snodgrass-King pediatric dentist offices may find a surprise awaiting them. On any given day a child may be greeted by Chomp, the Snodgrass-King alligator mascot, in the Hermitage lobby before they see their pediatric dentist. And if Chomp is not in the Hermitage office, there are other surprises before seeing their chosen pediatric dentist. From the video games in the lobby to watching a movie during a teeth cleaning, the Hermitage pediatric dentist office maintains the tradition of “fun” that comes with a visit to any Snodgrass-King office.

While a youngster wants fun, parents desire excellence in dental care for their child. The Snodgrass-King Hermitage pediatric dentist office meets and exceeds that expectation. Both of the founders of Snodgrass-King bring credentials and experience to their Hermitage pediatric patients. Dr. David Snodgrass, a respected and sought after speaker, brings over twenty years of experience to the Hermitage community. Dr. John T. King is Diplomat Board Certification with the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. Between the founders and staff, the Hermitage pediatric dentist offices of Snodgrass-King offer nearly one hundred years of combined experience.

The highly skilled Hermitage pediatric dentists offer a wide array of specialty services to their young patients. From basic pediatric dentist services to orthodontic and specialty work, Snodgrass-King of Hermitage boasts exceptional pediatric dentists. Patients needing oral and maxillofacial specialty work can find such services at the Snodgrass-King Hermitage pediatric dentist office. The Hermitage pediatric dentist office of Snodgrass-King also offers tips and points concerning pediatric dental care online. The Snodgrass-King website displays safety and general health care tips as well as information about “what to expect” when visiting the Hermitage pediatric dentist office. Patients will also find contact information and hours of operation for the Snodgrass-King Hermitage pediatric dentist location.

Known for their work both within and outside of Hermitage, the pediatric dentists of Snodgrass-King have donated equipment and time to those who could not receive such quality care. Recently, co-founder of the Hermitage pediatric dentist office Dr. David Snodgrass was part of an effort to offer dental care to Nashville residents who otherwise would have gone without. In addition, the Snodgrass-King founders and pediatric dentists from Hermitage and other locations have donated equipment and frequently served the impoverished regions of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

For more information or to contact the Hermitage pediatric dentists of Snodgrass-King please visit http://snodgrassking.com.

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