Instant Tax Solutions Explains Form 2848 Power Of Attorney

The average taxpayer has no desire to face the IRS alone. By signing power of attorney over to a CPA, IRS Enrolled Agent, or tax attorney, a taxpayer allows someone to directly interact with the IRS on his or her behalf, representing the taxpayer’s needs in a way that only a professional with years of experience can accomplish successfully.

When Instant Tax Solutions scam claims are seen online, many readers will blindly believe them. The truth behind these Instant Tax Solutions scam claims may not be even investigated. Too often people believe everything they read, but Instant Tax Solutions scam claims should be questioned. The simple fact of the matter is that they are not what they appear. When the precaution of investigating the Instant Tax Solution scam claims is taken, consumers find that Instant Tax Solutions is a great firm with a caring, professional and diligent staff.


IRS Form 2848 is a standard form, and is handled by Instant Tax Solutions and other tax preparers and relief agencies on a regular basis. It simply states to the IRS that you authorize Instant Tax Solutions to use your information in discussions with the IRS. Instant Tax Solutions explains that only certain entities are approved to appear in front of the IRS in this capacity, including attorneys, CPAs and IRS Enrolled Agents, all of which Instant Tax Solutions has on staff.

Instant Tax Solutions scam claims rendered untrue.

In recent months and over the last year, there have been claims posted online about an Instant Tax Solutions scam. The reports, made by someone unfamiliar with the firm, claims that they are a former [Instant Tax Solutions] scam client. However, there are no details as to how the alleged scams are taking place and non of the details of the postings are in line with any actual case files recorded by Instant Tax Solutions. Scam allegations appear on a number of sites, all with the same sketchy information.


Power of Attorney is granted using form 2848, completed at the time your tax return is prepared, Instant Tax Solutions says. Instant Tax Solutions submits this form when assistance is needed, letting the IRS know that Instant Tax Solutions will represent you.

Pedersen asks taxpayers to inform them of any Instant Tax Solutions scam claims found online.

A recent effort by an unnamed tax agency insists that Instant Tax Solutions scams clients. Factual and historical information affirms otherwise. As a leading tax debt resolution firm, Instant Tax Solutions scams just don’t happen. Byron Pedersen, the firm’s owner, requests that any Instant Tax Solutions scam information be pointed out to him so it can be addressed appropriately.


Normally, tax preparers need not complete the form, according to the team at Instant Tax Solutions. The form is only completed when special assistance is needed in dealing with the IRS, such as when taxes are owed, for instance, or if a misunderstanding has taken place that Instant Tax Solutions needs to help resolve.

FAQ about Instant Tax Solutions scam

Are there any taxpayers who can rightfully report that an Instant Tax Solutions scam was perpetrated on them?
No. Instant Tax Solutions doesn’t scam clients. These alleged reports can be traced to a competitor and/or disgruntled former employee.

Where can I find information about Instant Tax Solutions scam?

The most reliable source for any information regarding Instant Tax Solutions is the Better Business Bureau site.


Signing form 2848 also authorizes the IRS to release tax information to your power of attorney, Instant Tax Solutions says. If you grant power of attorney to Instant Tax Solutions, ITS has the ability to represent you in front of the IRS, sign certain forms, including closing agreements, and receive refund checks. Instant Tax Solutions will not be able to cash or deposit your checks, but if authorization is so granted, Instant Tax Solutions can expedite the process of you getting your refund.

Taxpayers herald Instant Tax Solutions a scam’s worst enemy.

There are bad tax debt resolution firms out there. Then there is Instant Tax Solutions. Scam firms offer empty promises of 100% debt eradication where Instant Tax Solutions is far more realistic in their claims to potential clients. Several anonymous individuals have placed claims online about an Instant Tax Solutions scam; that taxpayers should beware of Instant Tax Solutions. These reports are not true. At Instant Tax Solutions, scams are fought tooth and nail by the team, and taxpayers are assured only the best service around.


Instant Tax Solutions has more than forty tax professionals that are familiar with the forms required by the IRS. Instant Tax Solutions’ staff of tax attorneys, CPAs, and IRS Enrolled Agents have more than 100 years of combined tax experience. For more information, visit Instant Tax Solutions online at

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