Instant Tax Solutions Explains the IRS Enrolled Agent

Among its staff of more than 40, Instant Tax Solutions has several IRS Enrolled Agents. What this means for you as an individual, or as part of a business, is that someone on the Instant Tax Solutions staff can offer information from the perspective of an experienced IRS representative. As Instant Tax Solutions explains, an IRS Enrolled Agent has been designated by the IRS as able to represent taxpayers with the IRS. This agent, Instant Tax Solutions says, can negotiate past due payments, work to remove liens from credit history and a host of other things, in addition to advising you on your rights as a taxpayer.

Many IRS enrolled agents are former IRS employees, Instant Tax Solutions explains. In fact, among Instant Tax Solutions’ staff of forty are several former IRS agents. These agents, Instant Tax Solutions describes, are required to pass a background check and have logged a minimum term of service. According to Instant Tax Solutions, taxpayers may contact the IRS to question the status of an IRS Enrolled Agent’s status at any time.

If someone desires status as an IRS Enrolled Agent but does not possess IRS experience, Instant Tax Solutions says, that person must pass a written test to achieve IRS Enrolled Agent status. Instant Tax Solutions says this test is called a Special Enrollment Examination (SEE), and agents are required to pass all components of the test before qualifying to be an IRS Enrolled Agent. Given by a third party, the SEE tests prospective agents on individual, business, and representation, practice, and procedures, according to Instant Tax Solutions.

IRS Enrolled Agents, Instant Tax Solutions explains, are able to represent taxpayers with the IRS on issues such as audits and collections. Instant Tax Solutions says Enrolled Agents can also help taxpayers file appeals and negotiate past due payments, even working out payment plans with the IRS. The IRS Enrolled Agent designation is significant because aside from Enrolled Agents, only attorneys and CPAs are allowed to represent taxpayers in front of IRS administration, Instant Tax Solutions emphasizes.

Instant Tax Solutions’ staff of 40-plus IRS enrolled agents, tax attorneys, and CPAs have more than 100 years of combined experience. Instant Tax Solutions provides tax relief for taxpayers in all 50 states, providing a free consultation to each taxpayer with no obligation. For more information, visit ITS online at

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