Instant Tax Solutions Offers Tips for Hiring a Good Income Tax Attorney or Certified Tax Resolution Specialist

The staff of tax pros at Instant Tax Solutions are readily available to answer questions that taxpayers may have in regards to tax debt resolution. Instant Tax Solutions’ founders Byron Pedersen and Ian Woodman believe that a good tax resolution specialist or tax attorney shouldn’t be hard to find. Sadly, they are. There are many fraudulent companies around, states Instant Tax Solutions, who seek to take advantage of taxpayers in the throes of an IRS battle.

Taxpayer Retracts Instant Tax Solutions Complaint, Cites Panic as Reason For Misunderstanding.

Recently a client suggested he would file an Instant Tax Solutions complaint. He was upset that the IRS refused to settle for the small amount they were able to pay. The amount the IRS accepted was around 20% higher than proposed. This amount difference resulted in an Instant Tax Solutions complaint. After taking a day to reflect on the situation, and speaking with their contact at Instant Tax Solutions, the complaint was retracted as the consumer understood fully the process in which the IRS negotiates settlement amount.


One of the first questions to ask when interviewing a tax professional, says Instant Tax Solutions, is how much experience the firm’s staff has dealing with the IRS.  A firm may claim years of tax experience, but that might only include simple tax preparation. When dealing with the IRS, a taxpayer needs a firm with direct knowledge of how they operate.  Instant Tax Solutions’ staff has cumulatively over a century’s worth of IRS interaction, and proudly includes Enrolled Agents and former IRS auditors.

Instant Tax Solutions: Complaints on (Posted By Rocket Relief- a Competing Tax Firm)

According to Instant Tax Solutions, complaints on the website are posted by the tax firm [Rocket Relief] themselves. Apparently, they state on their site “We are shameless” and they prove that by trashing other tax firm, not just Instant Tax Solutions. The “complaint” states that is that it is difficult to locate founder information for Instant Tax Solutions. The truth is, after a very brief search via the provided link to the BBB website, the founder’s names, Byron Pedersen and Ian Woodman, are quite easy to find. This illustrates that consumers must be cautious when searching for “Instant Tax Solutions” complaints, or complaints dealing with any other financial services firm.


Instant Tax Solutions emphasizes that knowing who owns the company is also a key piece of information. It’s one thing to know the agent in charge but, as Instant Tax Solutions founders Ian Woodman and Byron Pedersen believe, knowing who is at the top gives the taxpayer peace if mind. It’s a huge red flag if an agency doesn’t have a transparent chain of command, points out Instant Tax Solutions’ Pedersen.

Post Falls’ Instant Tax Solutions Complaints are Faked

The economy is still in recovery mode and many taxpayers have found themselves owing Uncle Sam more than they ever expected. There are many great tax debt relief firms around who can help, one of those being Instant Tax Solutions. Complaints, however, have been spotted online that mention the firm. All of the Instant Tax Solutions complaints located on websites other than the Better Business Bureau are apparently concocted by competitors looking to gather new customers. While the firm ignored the Instant Tax Solutions complaints for a while, they now feel it necessary to warn taxpayers to approach search engine results with caution.


Also, while a small “good faith“ deposit is normal, head in the opposite direction if the company demands full remuneration at the initial meeting. Instant Tax Solutions sets themselves apart in this area by offering a free initial consultation. Clients may also take advantage of Instant Tax Solutions’ flexible payment arrangement.

Idaho BBB says that Instant Tax Solutions complaints are resolved.

A visit to the Better Business Bureau website will show that Instant Tax Solutions complaints are considered resolved. Of the two Instant Tax Solutions complaints, the most recent was closed when the taxpayer making the complaint did not respond to the repeated attempts by Instant Tax Solutions to make contact and resolve their personal issue. Instant Tax Solutions complaint compliance record with the BBB is flawless – meaning Instant Tax Solutions takes action quickly when issues arise. The firm is rated A+ and has many positive reviews on the BBB site.


Finally, watch out for salesmen, warns Instant Tax Solutions. A real tax attorney won’t give you a sales pitch like you’ve just walked on to a used car lot. There are many agencies that employ commissioned sales staff who use fear tactics and puffed up claims to get bodies though the door, laments Instant Tax Service.  Taxpayers should research the BBB rating for any tax firm under consideration to check the company’s past history of “talking the service up but letting the client down.”

Instant Tax Solutions began in 1998 with a staunch commitment to aid and educate people suffering from IRS tax debt. Today, the firm employs nearly 50 client advocates with more than ten decades of combined tax experience. Rated A+ by the BBB since its inception, Instant Tax Solutions is still treating each client with the same principals of loyalty, passion, and integrity in which founders Byron Pederson and Ian Woodman founded the company.

Local Instant Tax Solutions complaints have not been found! The citizens of Post Falls, Idaho, where the firm is located, have nothing but positive things to say. In fact, instead of having an Instant Tax Solutions complaint, these taxpayers have glowing reviews. Clients often breathe a sigh of relief when dealing with Instant Tax Solutions. Complaints? No way. Not in their hometown. Post Falls is fortunate to have Instant Tax Solutions and complaint free firms like them in the state!


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Instant Tax Solutions Offers Tips for Hiring a Good Income Tax Attorney or Certified Tax Resolution Specialist, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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