Integrity Spas: Hot Tub Shipping, Delivery and Installation

Integrity-Spas-Antigua-TV-Hot-Tub-Spa Integrity Spas is the nation’s premier online retailer of luxury, custom-built spas. Integrity Spas provides a full line of luxurious portable spas that have been designed harnessing the expertise of medical and orthopedic professionals as well as engineers who understand the unique function and design of hydrotherapy tubs. Here, Integrity Spas answers questions about the process of installing a home spa system.

Q. When buying a spa online, the first question that comes to mind is, “How is it delivered and how do I install it?”

Integrity Spas: Integrity Spas works hard to make the shipping and delivery process as seamless as possible. All Integrity Spas units are shipped fully insured so buyers never have to purchase additional shipping insurance. Integrity Spas hot tubs are shipped to a local professional moving company in the buyer’s area. The moving company will call the new owner to schedule a delivery time to his or her home. The shipping included in an Integrity Spas purchase is driveway delivery, where the moving company will unload the spa from the truck and place it on your driveway. Backyard placement, which is available, typically runs $200-300.  Once the spa is in place, the new owner will need a certified electrician to connect the power. After connecting the power you just fill the Integrity Spas tub with a garden hose.

Q. Is it safe to move the spa yourself?

Integrity Spas: Yes, the spa can be carried either on its side or horizontally. But, depending on the spa size, will take at least six men to do it.  Another option is removing the spa from the pallet and placing it on the ground as if you were getting into it. Then use 8’ lengths of 2″ PVC piping on the ground to create a track to roll the spa into place. As the spa is rolled over the pipes, you pick them up and place them back in front of the spa until it reaches its destination. Integrity Spas has found that this works well on a variety of surfaces. You can also use flatbed dollies with crazy wheels to move the spa but you’ll need hard surfaces all the way.

Q. How simple is connecting the electric power?

Integrity Spas: The Integrity Spas tub needs to be hard-wired with three-wire 220V wiring, and most Integrity Spas require a 60 amp service. Typically, an electrician will use a GFCI load center (ground fault circuit interrupt) in between the home electrical panel and the hot tub. The GFCI load center is a weatherproof subpanel mounted outdoors near the Integrity Spas unit, usually within 6 feet. The subpanel houses the GFCI breaker, which is designed to avoid overloading the circuit and also serves as a cutoff switch to meet codes. A GFCI load center specifically designed for hot tub use is available from Integrity Spas through our website at

Q. What kind of foundation is needed?

Integrity Spas: The new Integrity Spas unit is completely self-contained and can be installed on any flat surface with adequate drainage. We strongly recommend placing the new spa on a concrete or framed pea gravel surface or spa Handi-Pad (available at However, if the owner decides to place the spa on a wood deck, raised deck or balcony, Integrity Spas recommends consulting a structural engineer to confirm that the surface will support the weight of a full spa.

Q. Are there any other guidelines?

Integrity Spas: Always place the spa so that the equipment is easily accessible from all four sides. Always allow additional space around an Integrity Spas spa for accessibility to components and accessories.

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