A Moment of Truth: Jeffrey Kale Flagg on Pushing Forward

Nevada businessman and entrepreneur Jeffrey Kale Flagg says three steps and a little persistence pays off.

Over the years, Jeffrey Kale Flagg has observed many people find excuses for their lack of accomplishments–they spend more time justifying where they are instead of simply taking action and going where they want to go. A fact of life, Flagg says, is that we all have the ability to make the kinds of changes that will help us achieve our dreams. Whether or not we make those changes is our choice–a test of character, a moment of truth, says Jeffrey Kale Flagg.

On one hand, according to Jeffrey Kale Flagg, if we believe we are unable to successfully run our own lives, then we will constantly look for outside endorsements of our ideas. We may make tentative decisions, but we never completely follow through. Jeffrey Kale Flagg suggests this is because we need assurances that other people agree with us. This lack of confidence, an inability to be the captain of our own lives, strips us of our ability to become truly successful. No action ever takes place, because there will always be people who disagree–and our lack of confidence, Jeffrey Kale Flagg laments, invites the very criticism that we fear!

On the other hand, if we KNOW we have the ability to run our own lives, then that is exactly what we will do, says Jeffrey Kale Flagg. We will decide where we want to go and make the necessary changes. We will listen to people who have accomplished the success that we desire, ignoring those who haven’t. Once we make a decision, we won’t look back and sabotage our own success. We will simply make a call and then take action. This, according to Jeffrey Kale Flagg, is how success becomes reality.

So, according to Jeffrey Kale Flagg, we have a decision to make. We have to decide whether we are going to be the captain of our own ship or not. Our choices have created the lifestyle that we live and define the type of friendships and relationships we have. Our choices have determined whether we are happy or sad, says Jeffrey Kale Flagg. In order for us to achieve our dreams, we have to make a commitment and stick to it – no matter what. It is a choice.

As we build our respective businesses, explains Jeffrey Kale Flagg, we talk to people about their products, services and other business opportunities. We show people the very vehicle that enabled us to accomplish financial independence, fulfillment and happiness – the exact things that we all want and that we can all achieve with the right attitude.

Jeffrey Kale Flagg offers his simple success formula that he says has NEVER failed:

  • Step One – find someone who has accomplished what you want, someone who has achieved the result you want to achieve.
  • Step Two- copy that person’s formula; do what he/she did to get results
  • Step Three – stay the course and never quit.

Sounds too simple doesn’t it? Jeffrey Kale Flagg says that sometimes the simple things in life are the most effective. He has built his successful career around these three straightforward tactics and says that anyone with a bit of determination can also achieve success. It takes persistence, concludes Jeffrey Kale Flagg, but the hard work pays off in the end.

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