JS Properties, LLC Promotes Murfreesboro as a Growing Community in the Heart of Middle Tennessee

JS Properties, LLC reports that according to the U.S. Census Bureau, Rutherford County may be the fastest growing county in Tennessee.  The city of Murfreesboro, county seat of Rutherford, is the heart of this successful and expanding region.  JS Properties, LLC notes that several prestigious publications have paid close attention to Murfreesboro in the past decade.  Magazines such as Forbes and Policom, notes JS Properties, LLC, have commended Murfreesboro as one of America’s top cities in terms of economic strength, fast growth, and best career and business opportunities.

With over twenty-five years of experience in the real estate business, JS Properties, LLC has its finger on the pulse of Murfreesboro’s growth.  As a real estate brokerage and property management firm that caters to both residential and commercial clients, JS Properties, LLC is in a unique position to be a part of that growth.

Community involvement plays an important role in Murfreesboro’s continued success as a growing metropolis. People like Joyce Smotherman of JS Properties, LLC not only work and live in Murfreesboro, but also are constantly giving back to the community. Serving on local boards such as the Better Business Bureau, the Rutherford County Board and local Property Management Association are only a few of the ways in which JS Properties, LLC has contributed to the explosive growth Murfreesboro has seen over the past decade.

JS Properties, LLC reports that Murfreesboro boasts three large-scale retail centers. The Avenue and The Oaks, which are open air venues, allow visitors to enjoy the clement weather while they shop, while Stones River Mall offers the comfort of indoor shopping. These next generation malls, comments JS Properties, LLC, are powerful magnets for retail chains, businesses and shopping families.

Joyce Smotherman, owner and manager of JS Properties, LLC, says that her company will continue to grow and adapt to the changing needs of the town as it continues to expand. The appeal and “hometown” feel of this thriving community is an important part of what JS Properties, LLC strives for in addition to maintaining a healthy and prosperous place to work and live for all its citizens.

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