Marc Fantich Highlights Local Market Advertising Do’s and Don’ts

Marc Fantich has many years experience in the advertising and media industry. In the past few years, Marc Fantich has come across a few tips to maximize efficiency in advertising. Here are the top five most important things to remember when advertising in the local community.

1. Never buy the “Package of the day” that radio and TV stations offer every week, says Marc Fantich. Think of it as a doctor prescribing medication before he or she diagnoses what’s wrong. These types of deals are not well targeted to consumers, says Marc Fantich.

2. Marc Fantich also recommends steering clear of sponsoring local sports teams. These are usually the worst return on your investment, according to Marc Fantich. Sponsorships like these usually go unnoticed by customers, says Marc Fantich.

3. Find an ad agency with big buying power, says Marc Fantich. This can help lower the cost per spot. Normally, explains Marc Fantich, if you approach a radio station alone, costs will be higher than what a big agency may pay on your behalf. Joining forces with an agency is like joining a co-op.

4. Avoid donating money to clubs and activities at the local high school, recommends Marc Fantich, unless the motivation is to help a friend. School organizations like cheerleading and band typically do not lead to a good return on your advertising investment. They normally net ZERO new customers, although you might still be able to write it off as an expense at the end of the day.

5. Radio ads are normally presented to you in thirty-second increments, reminds Marc Fantich. When buying a slot, insist on a sixty-second segment at the same price. Often the station will agree, says Marc Fantich.

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