Margaret Suanne Bone Goes Antiquing

For years, Margaret Suanne Bone has practiced the art of antiquing. She can often be found bidding on at auctions and estate sales in her community.

Margaret Suanne Bone first learned how to appreciate antiques as a young girl. She grew up in an 1880s log cabin, a home that was filled with decorative adornments.

After Margaret Suanne Bone moved into the home of her grandparents, Sam and Margaret Bone, in 2000, she decided to further pursue this time-intensive but rewarding hobby. Her focus settled on the traditional Southern decorations that made her childhood so bright. In fact, many individuals choose to embark on an antique hunt because certain items hold sentimental value.

Collecting antiques is also an educational experience that teaches people about previous generations and their history. Seeking expert advice about past artifacts will make the process more rewarding, says Margaret Suanne Bone. Her results have taught her about the history of Tennessee. Antique groups meet regularly online and in person to learn from each other. Membership in an antique club is a convenient way to share stories about these prized findings.

Margaret Suanne Bone recommends that beginners collect items of interest during the early stages. Concentrating on a particular item will help the beginner to focus on learning about the items and how they are valued. The value of an antique depends on its age and its condition, states Margaret Suanne Bone. An antique collector must store items safely so they don’t get damaged or exposed to water.

According to Margaret Suanne Bone, first-time antique collectors are only limited by their budgets and their imaginations. She asserts that a truly unique piece doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Collectable items include a diverse array of items such as sheet music, handkerchiefs, buttons, postcards and stamps.

The most treasured antiques for Margaret Suanne Bone are china and dishes. As a particular subject of interest, she studies and collects green glassware from the Depression. Margaret Suanne Bone appreciates the social element to her antiquing as well. She raves that the best part of being an antique collector occurs when she gathers for meals with her family members and friends. Her table is often set with antique plates and silverware with traditional designs.  As a way to make the day memorable, Margaret Suanne Bone uses this dining ware only on special occasions such as holidays and birthdays.

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