Medical Student Shadowing A Surgeon

Pursuing a vocation in medicine, Kyle Thomas Glasser has shown a will that cannot be bent by any challenger. He has demonstrated once and again that he reaches, reaches and keeps on reaching some more. Whether a student, a volunteer or a worker; he demonstrates faith and belief that he can change things for the better. In fact, it was after he toured Central America on a medical mission in 2010 that he decided that he would study medicine as he is currently doing in the University of Georgia. As a medical student shadowing a surgeon, it is would be very interesting to peek at his life and see what it is that powers his drive. Why has he been able to achieve so much at his age?

When he is on his medical rounds shadowing a surgeon, Kyle feels that he is fulfilling part of his calling and that is to help those who are in need. Every day that he wakes up to go to class or in the  hospital ward rounds, he knows that all this is in line with his calling and his calling is to help people in different, but as many ways as possible. Helping people is a calling and since one cannot run from his calling, that is why Kyle is working so hard to ensure that his dream comes true. Fired by the belief and hope that after he is through with his studies he will be in a better position to help even more people, he keeps after his dream unrelentingly.

Working to become a doctor is no easy feat for anyone and that is why doctors answer a call. When it comes to chasing a dream, Kyle, in his short life has demonstrated that he can do that better than anyone else. It is just so important to him and what makes it even better is the fact that he is chasing this dream just so that he can assist people in need. To Dr. Jeff Traub, Kyle has become something akin to a shadow as he drinks in every detail of medicine. As well as helping during office hours, he has also been around to witness several major surgeries.

Whenever he feels like he is going lax, he thinks back to his days in Central America and the energy to go on comes flooding back. Shadowing a surgeon and doing ward rounds is not the easiest or the happiest thing for anyone, but for this senior student in the University of Georgia, this is just but abridge that has to be  crossed in pursuit of his calling.

In addition to shadowing Dr Jeff Traub, Kyle also finds time for the different clubs and societies that he is member to. Anything that he  does today is always in synch with his calling and the days that he spent in central America, helping dispense medical services to people in Nicaragua and Costa Rica are always a reminder about his true calling in life. For Kyle Thomas Glasser, there is no looking back when he is after a dream.

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