Nationwide Relocation Services Discusses Common Misconceptions About Moving

Nationwide Relocation Services According to Nationwide Relocation Services, while moving can be a difficult process, it can also be an ultimately rewarding experience. However, Nationwide Relocation Services also points out that a series of careless errors can compromise the best-laid plans of the moving homeowner. In this brief interview with Nationwide Relocation Services, company staff shared some of the most common mistakes they’ve seen throughout their history.

Oceans2003: Hello, thanks for joining us today.

Nationwide Relocation Services: It’s our pleasure!

Oceans2003: What’s the most significant mistake that people make before moving?

Nationwide Relocation Services: When people search online for a quote, they may not have all the necessary information necessary to receive adequate information.

Oceans2003: What’s the result?

Nationwide Relocation Services: An inaccurate quote is the most common result, and it is one that will leave the prospective client reeling.

Oceans2003: How can people combat this issue?

Nationwide Relocation Services: It’s recommended that anyone with plans to move should examine all household items before obtaining a quote.

Oceans2003: Are many people tempted by the lowest quote?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Absolutely. Many movers will quote an extremely low price, only to add hundreds of dollars as the process moves forward.

Oceans2003: How should I go about securing a proper quote?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Always ask for a written quote with clear details about cost.

Oceans2003: What should I look for on the documentation?

Nationwide Relocation Services: The written document should contain the MC number and DOT number of the company, along with the term “Binding” or “Binding Not-to-Exceed” listed on the top.

Oceans2003: How many quotes should I obtain?

Nationwide Relocation Services: In most cases, three to five quotes will be sufficient to determine a pattern of pricing.

Oceans2003: What’s one major misconception about moving, in your opinion?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Many shippers believe that they need an exact date and every single detail before booking a mover.

Oceans2003: Not true?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Not at all, but do be as prepared as possible.

Oceans2003: Is one semi-truck dedicated to each mover?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Unless you own a large home, it will be unusual to have the only load on that moving truck. Professional movers will load all items and then rope them off in order to keep each separate.

Oceans2003: What can be the key difference between short moves and longer ones?

Nationwide Relocation Services: When people move to a home in the same area, their movers can carefully wrap mirrors and pictures with a blanket and it will likely arrive in one piece. On a longer move, pack these items in boxes secured with tape.

Oceans2003: Why is this important?

Nationwide Relocation Services: During a long-distance move that might require several days over difficult terrain, it’s incredibly important that items be packed efficiently.

Oceans2003: Are there specific times recommended for moving?

Nationwide Relocation Services: The times for high demand are typically the early part of May to September, as well as the end of the month and then around holidays.

Oceans2003: What if a move must occur during these times?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Contact the mover early in order to guarantee that a truck will be available.

Oceans2003: What’s a warning sign that a potential moving company isn’t the right fit for me?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Any dependable and reputable mover will need to examine the items listed on the inventory sheet either in person or over the phone.

Oceans2003: What if there are last-minute additions to the shipment?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Some movers will choose to negate the contract if even one change is made to the list. That’s why it’s so important to examine your belongings upfront.

Nationwide Relocation Services is one of the premier corporate and residential relocation brokers located in the United States.




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