Electrical Engineer Neil G. Pansey Discusses the Future of Power in America

Engineers today have started to look farther into the future, says Neil G. Pansey. With the country growing so fast, Neil G. Pansey explains that attention must be paid to energy demands. Conservation programs and new energy sources are coming soon.

According to Neil G. Pansey, conferences on this topic are common. Engineers are often called together to brainstorm. Neil G. Pansey says that lots of progress is being made in many directions. For one, solar power is being examined as a possible source for locations with small populations, says Neil G. Pansey.

New power plants are being faced with strict regulations, continues Neil G. Pansey. This is to ensure energy stability in the future. Neil G. Pansey reminds Americans that power plants must work together to supply energy. Current plants are working to do just that with newer technology.

Biomass as an energy source is developing quickly, says Neil G. Pansey. Biomass is known as waste of animals and plants and the energy within them, explains Neil G. Pansey. If this energy can be harvested well, it can provide lots of energy to homes around the country. Neil G. Pansey speculates that energy from biomass material will soon become very common.

Renewable energy is a big issue, believes Neil G. Pansey. With the world growing at a faster rate than ever, energy is important. Engineers work hard to access how to renew this power, explains Neil G. Pansey. This leads to energy conservation programs. Many states are stepping forward to push water conservation, says Neil G. Pansey, and many offer free recycling services for the public.

Engineers across the country are focused on expanding affordable power supplies, asserts Neil G. Pansey. It is important to do these things cleanly and quickly. Neil G. Pansey believes that there is a solid future for energy because of this hard work.

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Electrical Engineer Neil G. Pansey Discusses the Future of Power in America, 3.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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Neil G. Pansey continues his employment as Lead Engineer at Progress Energy and resides in St. Petersburg, Florida. Neil G. Pansey graduated from the Florida Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Engineering.

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