Peter Spittler Architectural Services: Our View on Responsible Land Use

At Peter Spittler Architectural Services, we affirm that land is one of our planet’s most precious resources. The fact that there is a limited amount of land points to the importance of using it wisely and efficiently—not just for now, but also for future generations. The architects and designers at Peter Spittler Architectural Services believe very strongly in this core company value.

Peter Spittler Architectural Services also affirms that land is important to commerce. Not only is the size of a plot of ground important for building and expansion purposes, it’s also relevant for sales and transactions. To put it simply, there are certain plots of land that are conducive to good business, and others that aren’t. The team at Peter Spittler Architectural Services summarizes this philosophy by quoting the old saying “location, location, location.”

One of the core beliefs at Peter Spittler Architectural Services is that land holds a purpose for many facets of life. There’s residential land, best suited for neighborhoods, small communities, schools, and towns. Peter Spittler Architectural Services takes pride in our projects in these areas, as they often contribute directly to the quality of life in a town, helping to enrich and grow communities.

There’s also urban land. This land represents another challenge and opportunity for the architects and designers at Peter Spittler Architectural Services with an opportunity to build much larger structures that serve hundreds of thousands of people in a given week or month. According to Peter Spittler Architectural Services, these buildings are often more corporate-influenced and built primarily for function over form and are primarily driven from an economic perspective.

Finally, there’s natural land. Construction and development companies, points out the team at Peter Spittler Architectural Services, rarely touch this land—unless to help preserve or enhance it in some way. These are America’s great forests, woodlands, grasslands, and natural parks. Much of the landmass of America is still covered in natural land that is completely untouched by humanity, and the Peter Spittler Architectural Services team appreciates and revels in these areas of natural beauty and in turn, strive to protect and enhance rather than impose.

For Peter Spittler Architectural Services, responsible land use also means planning for the future. As humanity grows and population increases, current communities and cities will continue to grow. That’s why we at Peter Spittler Architectural Services believe it is critical to have plans in place for smart growth. Smart growth is a form of urban planning that factors in how and where to expand, while maintaining a harmonious effect both on the local community and on the natural surroundings of the area. Success is measured in balancing the ecology, economy and culture assets of the land.

Each and every team member at Peter Spittler Architectural Services is committed to managing smart growth for our projects, and we hope to continue that trend as we move forward in the twenty-first century. In addition, the team at Peter Spittler Architectural Services is dedicated to making the most of the land our company has the privilege of building projects on, with the goal in mind to benefit the American people for decades and centuries to come.

Peter Spittler of Peter Spittler Architectural Services is an award-winning architect whose design firm is located in Cleveland/Akron Ohio area.

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